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Embracing Sex Toys In A Relationship & Affordable Buying Tips

There are a lot of couples out there that don’t need anyone else to be completely satisfied. On the other hand, there are also many couples that experience boredom in their sex lives due to the same positions and activities they do. 

For a successful relationship- “sex plays an essential part”. Without it, partners usually start looking elsewhere for the sexual satisfaction they’re craving. Many counselors recommend improving communication, however, rarely does anyone recommend embracing sex toys and enhancing sex life quality.

A couple that expands their sex toy collection regularly will never have issues when it comes to sex, and their relationship is usually much stronger due to the increased communication these sex toys and accessories require from partners.

In this article, we’ll talk about why couples should embrace sex toys in their relationships, and we’ll also share buying tips for sex toys, so you won’t break the bank.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys In a Relationship

Using sex toys is really fun, and it can seriously improve a relationship. The fact that sex toys are so beneficial brings the question of why aren't more couples using them. The answer lies in the fact that the topic of sex and sexual fantasies was considered taboo. In some areas of the world, it still is, and a lot of people aren't comfortable talking to their partners about kinky things. 

Those couples that embraced change and opened their minds to using sex toys and accessories quickly realized how amazing these can be. Whether it's one sex toy or a large sex toy collection, most couples will experience some kind of improvement in their relationship. 

The first and most notable benefit of using sex toys is the enhanced level of pleasure. Sex toys are designed to amplify the senses and most commonly, people that use sex toys regularly say that their sexual experience has improved drastically as soon as they introduced the first sex toys to the mix.

Having a sex toy collection or a sex box subscription allows couples to explore their fantasies while improving communication. New toys and accessories require couples to step out of their comfort zone, often realizing that something feels good that they never thought it would.

The next benefit of using sex toys in your relationship is the fact that you get to try things you were afraid to do before. Different kinds of sex toys are designed for different types of things. There are a lot of toys and accessories targeting people that enjoy BDSM, however, not all people enjoy the same intensity of BDSM. While one person enjoys only being handcuffed, the other might enjoy being spanked with a leather whip. The same applies to other types of sex toys and accessories. 

When it comes to exploring fantasies and sexuality, an adult mystery box can be exactly what you need. These mystery boxes contain a couple of toys and accessories that are carefully chosen for the most pleasurable experience. With a subscription like this, users have no other choice but to try new things and keep their sex life as fresh as it can be. 

Lastly, embracing the use of sex toys in a relationship can create a stronger bond between partners. It’s been said many times that sex toys and accessories are used as a form of stress relief, and the fact that both partners will be satisfied, and less stressed out, the better their relationship will be. Sharing fantasies and having open communication with your partner is the foundation of every relationship. Starting with sexual fantasies, and realizing that you can trust your partner with the most delicate topics, will open a whole new world of possibilities and connections between you and your partner. 

What You Need To Know Before Introducing Sex Toys To Your Relationship

One of the first things you need to talk about with your partner is consent. No matter how sex toys might be beneficial for your relationship, it’s of the essence to talk to your partner about adding these accessories to your love life. Some may agree right away, while others may reject you and the whole idea of adding sex toys to the mix. No matter how interested you are in using various sex toys, you should never force them upon your partner because it can seriously backfire and ruin your relationship.

The next thing you need to think about is whether you’ll introduce specific sex toys to your sex toy collection or you’ll use one of the adult toy subscription services where you get a number of premium products you can use during naughty time. If both you and your partner are up for it, it’s recommended to get a sex toy subscription because you’ll have much more options to choose from in case you decide to step out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Lastly, each type of sex toy requires a specific type of storage and hygiene. Keep in mind that you’ll need storage space, especially if you already own an extensive sex toy collection. When it comes to cleaning the items in your pleasure box, most can be cleaned with warm water and soap; however, some products may need specific cleaning agents.

How Can You Keep Things Affordable?

Premium quality sex toys and accessories come with a hefty price tag, and acquiring a large sex toy collection may require serious investments.

To keep costs as low as possible without affecting the quality, you could either check online sex toy stores for sales and discounts, or you can choose the fun way and get a sex toy subscriptions box.

Companies such as SeductivePleasureBox prepare mystery boxes for their customers at an affordable price, however, the retail price of all the products combined is more than double than subscribers pay. That’s a 50% discount right away, and you also get the thrill and excitement that go with it.


Sex toys and similar accessories can help couples regain passion that was once there, and they can provide some unforgettable moments in the bedroom. There are a number of reasons why a relationship needs help from these great products, and if you’re thinking about adding them, you just need to choose what the reason is.

To stay on the affordable side, it’s recommended to use a sex toy subscription because you get far more than you pay, and it opens a number of possibilities you as a couple never imagined trying.

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