How to Curate a Truly Next-Level Toy Collection

How to Curate a Truly Next-Level Toy Collection

While nearly everyone has at least one or two adult toys hanging out in their nightstand drawer these days, some people see no real reason to stop there. To them, sex toys are more of a hobby to be enjoyed than a simple means to an end. They love trying different options on for size, sharing their experiences with their partners, and keeping their eyes open for even more new toys to get excited about.

If that sounds like you, then it definitely makes sense for you to be thinking of starting a bona fide sex toy collection. But what does an aspiring toy collector need to know to ensure their collection is everything it should be? Which items are must-haves, and what are the best ways to keep your collection growing without breaking the bank? Here’s a look at what to consider.

What Toys Should Every Collection Have?

As with most people who like to collect things, many adult toy collectors really want to build collections that feel comprehensive. In other words, they feel a good collection contains a little something for every mood, partner, taste, and play scenario. The following items make a great collective foundation for a growing toy collection.

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are immensely flexible when it comes to all the different ways you can use them. They’re perfect for solo sessions, partner play, enhancing intercourse, travel, discreet use, and so much more.

Wand Massager

Massage wands are not only hyper-powerful but do great double-duty as actual muscle massagers. This makes them a great addition to erotic massages.

Anal Toy

Every toy collection should have at least one or two toys designed specifically for anal use. Think butt plugs, beads, probes, and so forth.

Cock Ring

If you or any of your partners have a penis, this is a must-have. Cock rings are great for enhancing performances, helping erections last, and adding a little extra oomph to play for all involved.


If you and your partners love exploring your bodies and discovering new erogenous zones, a stimulator or two makes a great addition to a collection. Options include pinwheels, feather ticklers, paddles, slappers, and similar items.

Wild Card

Every collection should have a little something extra in it that breaks the mold or encourages you to stray from the beaten trail. What you include is up to you, but possible options include oversized dildos, toys in unique materials (like glass), or nipple stimulation toys.

How Should You Store Your Toys?

Although stashing a toy in your nightstand drawer or under your mattress is probably fine if you only have one or two go-to toys that you use, you’ll need a better solution than that if you’re planning on nurturing a growing collection.

For one thing, you’ll need a system to keep your toys and accessories separated from one another and protected. Some toys can react to other toys unexpectedly if the materials they’re made of aren’t chemically compatible. Plus, cords get tangled, lubes spill, etc. You’ll also need a way to contain all your toys and keep them organized as your collection grows.

Start by keeping a collection of small fabric bags on hand and storing each toy in one of its own to prevent chemical reactions and lint accumulation. Then choose a dedicated space for housing your toys. This can be as simple as a special dresser drawer or as stylish as a lockable pleasure chest made for the purpose.

How to Choose New Toys to Add

There are a variety of different ways you can go about selecting new items to add to your collection over time. For instance, some people really like their collections to look cohesive and reflect their personalities, so they may stick to a specific theme or color scheme – like an all-black or all-glass collection, to name just one example.

Others prefer an “anything goes” approach and like to leave their options wide open. They enjoy many different types of sensations, like having the option of sharing their toys with different partners, etc.

How to Collect on a Budget

Although some people might be lucky enough to have money to burn when buying new sex toys, others prefer a budget-savvy approach. After all, the more awesomeness you can get for your money, the further each dollar goes, and the more toys you can ultimately collect.

One way to do this is to watch for sales, discounts, and promotions at your favorite sex toy websites and shops, and then pick up some new favorites. Another is to sign up for a sexy subscription service like Seductive Pleasure Box, as that’s an incredible way to get several new items every month for one low price. Subscriptions are great ways to discover new things, as well. Try it and see for yourself!

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