Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship Right Now

If introducing sex toys into the bedroom with your partner is something that is new to your relationship or perhaps something you have never considered talking about until now, finding a way to bring up the possible use of sex toys is not the easiest conversation topic to start for many couples. It is very normal to feel that you or your partner may feel sexually inadequate or that they are not doing the right things in the bedroom, but if you start the conversation in a positive way introducing sex toys will be a lot easier. At Seductive Pleasure we want to help you and your partner introduce sex toys in the best way possible, so here are some of our top tips to introduce sex toys into your relationship.


1. Check For Your Partner’s Mutual Interest.

Unsure how your partner will respond to the conversation or suggestion of using sex toys in the bedroom? Do you really want to try sex toys with your partner and explore new desires you’ve always been curious about? At Seductive Pleasure we recommend to many partners who are unsure how their lover will respond to check for their partners interest in a light-hearted way, perhaps try asking “Would you like to try some of these?” Or perhaps asking “Do you think that these look fun?” Next time you are looking at sex toys online or stumble across an ad for our Couples Subscription Boxes. If your partner seems interested keep the conversation flowing and perhaps consider signing up to our Monthly Couples Subscription Box and try out some new and exciting sex toys together (you can cancel anytime!).


2. Reassure Your Partner That Its “NOT THEIR FAULT”.

Often we are asked by partners how they can approach their partner who they feel may respond negatively when introducing sex toys to their love making. The fear of the partner feeling they are being “replaced” with the sex toy is a common problem couples ask us about. Another concern partners have that we are often asked about is how to handle their partner if they feel that they are feeling unsatisfied with them and seeking a way to try and make a ‘bad sex life better’. To help you put these fears aside when discussing the possible use of sex toys take the time to reassure your partner that is nothing to do with how they are pleasuring you in the bedroom, or that you are trying to replace them rather you want to try something new and exciting with them. When it comes to this conversation with your partner consider talking about sex toys like an opportunity, similar to travelling or going to a new wine bar together. Sure, you have your favourite places but exploring new places as a couple is exciting too right?


3. Offer To Shop For Both Of You As A Couple.

When you are shopping for sex toys, always consider what your partner may be interested in exploring. If your partner has shown they are willing to consider the idea of introducing sex toys into the bedroom, perhaps there are sex toys that they have shown interest in trying. At Seductive Pleasure Box, hundreds of couples around the world have ranked us as the #1 Couples Subscription Box in the World because each month we send you an incredible selection of toys and accessories to try together - and - we always make sure there is something for everyone in each box!


4. Respect When Your Partner Says “NO”.

Experimenting with sex toys can be fun and they can add a lot of exciting new pleasures to be experienced together with your partner. However, if your partner is not open to the idea you should accept their decision. If you continue to pressure your partner when they are not comfortable with the idea of using sex toys, your partner will feel you are disrespecting their feelings and them as your partner which could lead to other issues.


5. Remember, Introducing Sex Toys Is All About Mutual Fun.

Like we have discussed above, introducing sex toys into a relationship has its pro’s and con’s however if you approach this conversation delicately with your partner and they are open to exploring with you it can be exciting opportunity to enjoy even more fun together. The chat about introducing sex toys can be awkward at first, but in the end what matters is that both you and your partner having fun and never to lose focus on the purpose of introducing toys is to bring you closer together and explore fantasies and desires in your relationship with an open mind. Sex is fun, you want to make it more fun. At Seductive Pleasure we are committed to helping couples explore their fantasies together in a mutually beneficial and enjoyable way. So what are you waiting for? Our Subscription Couple Boxes could be just what you have been searching for to increase intimacy and discover new pleasures you never thought were possible with your partner. Explore Our Subscription Boxes Below:
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