November 2022 Box Review

November 2022 Box Review

Every monthly box selection at Seductive Pleasure Box is designed to deliver a little something special for everyone. Approachable enough for beginners but sophisticated enough to suit even long-time pleasure seekers, each collection of options is curated with the utmost care and consideration.

Round out an already robust collection, or introduce yourself to the world of sex toys with a bang! At Seductive Pleasure, you’re sure to find something that takes your intimate life to the next level.

November’s box picks for 2022 contained some seriously sweet surprises for all of our subscribers, but here’s a special look inside the man-woman box of the month for a better idea. Which of the following options are you especially looking forward to adding to your repertoire?

Seductive Pleasure Dual Vibrator

Although bringing several vibrators out to play at one time and putting all of them through their paces is one way to have a good time in bed with your partner, there’s also something to be said for a handy all-in-one option. This irresistible double-purpose vibrator from our own Seductive Pleasure collection has the moves to take both of you for a wild ride.

One end features a gracefully curved, semi-representational shaft that’s ideal for anyone who’s in the mood to be penetrated. Silky-smooth silicone combines with strategically placed ribbing to rub you the right way on every level. Then the other end features a moon-shaped curve to hug and stroke a shaft all the way to ecstasy.

And as always, you can trust Seductive Pleasure to come through for you with only the best ultra-premium body-safe silicone. And did we mention that it’s cordless, fully USB-rechargeable, and waterproof? That means it’s capable of going wherever your libido does, whether that’s away for the weekend to a cozy bed and breakfast or into the tub for a little steamy action.

Textured Vibrating Cock Ring

A vibrating cock ring is any male-female couple’s absolute best friend, as there’s really nothing it can’t do to enhance the quality of your lovemaking. Bring it into the mix to make intercourse more pleasurable for both of you, experiment with it during foreplay, or anything else you might have in mind.

This textured pink option takes everything you no doubt already love about a good vibrating cock ring to new heights. A bubbled ring keeps him rock hard, huge, and fully stimulated. Meanwhile, a textured clitoral extension tickles her in all the right places, taking all the guesswork out of an incredible finish.

And, of course, body-safe silicone ensures this formidable little ring is not only body-safe but super easy to clean and maintain, as well.

Sweeten’d Blow Oral Sex Gel

Never underestimate the value of bringing a little something extra for all of your senses into the mix when it’s time to play. Sweeten’d Blow is an undisputed expert when it comes to sweet treats that make even the sweetest encounter more pleasurable on multiple levels.

After all, oral sex should be an equally enjoyable adventure for both partners, shouldn’t it? Add this delectable bubble gum-flavored oral sex gel to your next oral sex session to make your partner taste more irresistible than ever. It’s perfect for easing those new to oral sex into things, as well as simply making things extra special for a bit of fun.

Good Clean Fun Toy Cleaner Spray

Any smart pleasure seeker knows that cleanliness and hygiene aren’t optional when it comes to enjoying one’s toys. But it’s not always convenient to jump right up and treat a toy you’re using to a full soap and water session – like when a pleasure session is still in progress. That’s where a good spray-on toy cleaner is a godsend.

Good Clean Fun has you covered there and then some. Keep this delightfully convenient option close at hand for use anytime you need easy access to clean on demand. Use it in a pinch as needed or make it your new go-to toy cleaner of choice. It’s up to you!

Pink and Black Leather Mask

There’s nothing like a mask to take any play encounter to the next level. Anything from a full-on BDSM session to a flirty, fun, foray into roleplaying instantly becomes more fun. And this sexy black and pink option is something you’ll both love.

A sleek, flirty leather masquerade-style design mimics a cat look, so it’s a fantastic fit for intimate play, naughty photo shoots, sensory play, and more. Slip it on, channel your inner sex kitten, and enjoy!

Already a Seductive Pleasure Box member? Watch for this sweet little collection to appear in your mailbox soon. And if you’ve yet to sign up, there’s no time like the present. Your first box could be on its way to brighten your day and spice up your sex life in no time! Try it today.

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