5 Steamy Ways to Surprise Your Partner This Holiday Season

5 Steamy Ways to Surprise Your Partner This Holiday Season

There are lots of reasons you might want to surprise your beloved partner with a holiday gift that’s a little more memorable than your typical scarf, coffee mug, or pair of socks. Maybe you’re a brand-new couple, and this is your first holiday season together. Or perhaps you celebrated a huge milestone this past year – like a new house, a new baby, or a fresh start in a new town – that makes this holiday extra special.

Whatever the case may be, you naturally want your gift to be personal and useful. But you want it to be a little sexy, too – something to show your partner just how deep your love for them really goes. Here are a few stellar ideas to add to your list of possibilities.

1.      Sensual Aromatherapy Supplies

The key to really getting into a special mood when it’s sexy time is setting the scene in a way that involves all of your senses. Special touches like soft music or silky satin sheets are a great place to start, but you’re doing both of you a disservice if you stop there.

Scent is incredibly important, as well, so now might be a great time to bring aromatherapy into the mix with a meaningful gift. Think sultry candles in delectable scents like musk, dragon’s blood, jasmine, date, or amber. Or relaxing bath salts in soothing scents like lavender or cedar. Your partner can enjoy them on their own after a long day, or you can partake together.

2.      A Discreet Vibrator

Nothing opens a person up to the vast, wonderful world of possibility quite like a vibrator that’s discreet enough to go absolutely anywhere. We’re talking sleek, super-portable options that fit easily into the corner of a purse, the secret compartment of a suitcase, or even an ordinary pocket in a pinch. There are even vibes out there designed to look exactly like lipsticks, mascara tubes, or other everyday items to be even more discreet.

And just the act of giving a partner a gift like that is bound to put sex and intimacy on their mind a lot more often. It opens the door to their enjoying a little quality time alone on the go if they need to (while thinking of you, of course). It also makes the idea of potentially getting frisky together somewhere far away from the beaten trail pretty irresistible.

3.      A Naughty Subscription Box

Speaking of toys, have you and your partner been talking about spicing things up in the bedroom and taking your intimate relationship to a whole new level lately? Do you love the idea of starting a pleasure chest and filling it with lots of exciting toys, products, and accessories to reach for when you’re in the mood for something different?

Consider gifting your lover a subscription to a naughty mystery sex box from a trusted service like Seductive Pleasure Box. For one low, affordable fee, you’ll receive regular expert-curated box filled with a varied selection of incredible products – including luxury sex toys – you won’t be able to wait to use together.

4.      Unique Sleepwear

Everyone appreciates something luxurious, comfy, and completely wonderful to go to sleep in – especially in the wintertime – but most people don’t really think to splurge on that sort of thing for themselves. It’s only ever something they buy to wear for a partner, so they pick it out with someone else’s needs in mind.

So why not choose something really special with their preferences and likes in mind? If your partner genuinely prefers sultry, silky things to go to bed in, by all means, treat them to something new in a favorite color, style, or fabric. But if you know they love to be cozy, pick them out a nice flannel nightshirt in a cute cut or style. Play it by ear and make your pick something that shows you know them well.

5.      A Weekend Away

There’s nothing like getting away from it all – even for a little while – to reset your psyche and get closer to your partner, especially if you want to reconnect in the bedroom. But you don’t have to go anywhere far to really reap the benefits of some away time. Staying nearby makes getting away to decompress for a couple of days doable, even around the holidays.

So, consider surprising your partner with an overnight stay in a romantic hotel or bed and breakfast in town. Spend the whole time in bed, order room service, and just have the good time enjoying yourselves that you know you deserve.

Ultimately, steamy is relative and means something different for every couple, so don’t be afraid to get a little creative. The important thing is to make your gift sexy in a way that also feels sweet, loving, and personal.

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