March 2023 Box Review

March 2023 Box Review

Now that spring has officially sprung, it’s only natural to feel ready for some spring cleaning. It’s time to tidy up the house, pack away all the winter clothes, and start thinking about how you want to enjoy the increasingly longer days. And there’s no time like spring to revamp your sex life with a few fun new finds.

Seductive Pleasure Box is a fun, affordable way to build your personal collection of sex toys and discover some incredible new products to try. One recurring payment gets you an expert-curated goodie box rushed to your doorstep every month – no hassle and no confusion. Just top-tier premium toys, products, and accessories that are guaranteed to be tons of fun.

Want a taste of what’s got Seductive Pleasure subscribers excitedly watching the mail every month? Here’s a look at the surprises that were part of our male-female couple’s box for March.

Multi-Purpose Vibrator

If there’s one thing every pleasure seeker can’t help but get excited about, it’s a really versatile, high-quality vibrator. Case in point – this elegantly curved pink silicone option that went out to our March subscribers this year.

Multi-Purpose Vibrator

An attractive, innovative design is fantastic for delivering the intense, targeted G-spot stimulation that takes playtime to the next level. In addition, a powerful motor makes that beautifully bulbous tip a great fit when nothing short of direct clitoral stimulation will do.

And a series of strategically placed ridges, intuitive push-button controls, and full waterproofing ensure that however you choose to use it, this vibrator has what it takes to curl your toes.

This is the kind of vibe you can reach for when it’s time to treat yourself to a little solo time or an extra-indulgent bubble bath, complete with a happy ending. Or you can hand it to your partner when it’s time for foreplay and marvel at how easy this vibe makes it for them to take control.

Mini Silicone Finger Vibe

Every couple should have at least a few toys on hand that are so versatile that they fit easily into any play that might be on the menu. This cleverly designed finger vibe that went out in our March box is a perfect example of what we mean.

When slipped onto a willing finger, it becomes the X-factor that takes a goodMini Silicone Finger Vibehandjob or impromptu fingering session to an entirely new level. Wear it during foreplay to ensure your caresses really drive your partner wild. Then, keep it on during lovemaking to add a little extra oomph to the direct stimulation that can so easily take a lover over the edge in style.

And it’s also deliciously portable, which makes it a perfect potential addition to our members’ spring getaway bags. Imagine having something like this to reach for when you spot one of those golden opportunities to be naughty on the go or while away from home.

Non-Stick Bondage Tape

If you and your partner have been fantasizing about trying a little bondage play on for size ever since the two of you first got all worked up about Fifty Shades ofNon-Stick Bondage TapeGrey, then you would have loved opening your March pleasure box to find this special little roll of tape inside.

It’s formulated to be just right for creative bondage play of any intensity level. It won’t stick to anything that it shouldn’t, so you can enjoy yourselves without worrying about winding up in an uncomfortable situation. It’s also extremely user-friendly, so it’s equally ideal for absolute beginners and seasoned bondage players alike.

Pro Blo Miracle Spray

Pro Blow Miracle Spray

Let’s face it. Every guy loves it when his girl knows how to deep-throat him like a pro. But gals who have been cursed with super-sensitive gag reflexes also knowdeep-throating isn’t always simply a matter of wanting to. That’s where a little miracle bottle of Pro Blo spray can be a game-changer.

All it takes is a quick squirt or two to put even the touchiest gag reflexes to bed just long enough to give an incredible blow job. And it’s delectably flavored, too, to make playtime a delicious treat for both of you.

Lingerie Mini Dress

There’s nothing like a show-stopping piece of lingerie to start every romantic encounter off on a sexy note, and we were especially proud of this scintillatingLingerie Mini DressSeductive Pleasure mini-dress we sent out to our subscribers in March.

This type of stretchy, lacy material is as comfortable as it is alluring, as it’s designed to hug curves in a way that doesn’t restrict range of motion. It’s also insanely versatile, looking just as great layered over other lingerie as it does on its own.

And if you think our March box sounds like it was just the thing to make a pleasure seeker’s month, just wait until you see what we’ve got planned for April. Sign up today, and make sure you’re in on the action!

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