How to Make Sure Your Quickies Are Always Worth It

There are many reasons why you and your partner might decide to go in for a quickie instead of doing things the way you usually would. Sometimes it’s a strictly practical decision, as you don’t always have as much time as you’d like. Other times, a quickie is kind of like fast food – a quick solution that’s sinfully satisfying on a level nothing else really is.

However you like your quickies, though, you naturally want to be having the best time possible. Here are a few quick and dirty tips for making sure every quickie always hits the spot, no matter how impromptu or rushed it might be.

Dress for quickie success.

Quickies are at their best and most practical when you don’t have to waste a lot of time and potentially spoil the moment getting undressed. So, if you either have a quickie planned (or have good reason to think one might be on the menu), dress in a way that supports easy access in a pinch.

Dresses and skirts that are loose enough to be lifted are excellent choices, as are soft, stretchy pants that can be pulled down in a rush. Seriously, as hot as skinny jeans, fitted pencil skirts, and complicated lingerie can look, they’re not quickie-friendly in practice.

Learn to spot a great quickie spot.

One of the best things about quickies is they challenge you to break your routine, step out of your comfort zone, and be super spontaneous in the moment. In other words, they’re a perfect excuse to get down and dirty someplace a little unusual and a lot more quickie-conducive.

In other words, forget about the bed when it’s quickie time. The idea behind a quickie is “I need you right here and now,” so learn to glance around the space you’re in when the mood strikes and zero in on a great spot. Keep your eye out for prime opportunities, as well.

Get it on in your favorite armchair, on the kitchen floor, or up against a wall. Follow your partner into the shower in the morning, and give them an amazing reason to go to work smiling. And if you’re not at home, be extra careful that you’re not getting frisky anywhere you could get caught.

Set the mood in advance.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that come along with having a quickie is the way they really don’t leave much room for full arousal, but there’s an easy way around that. Do what you can to start getting into the mood ahead of schedule, and don’t forget to bring your partner in on your good time.

For example, if your partner’s at work or otherwise out for the day, send them a series of sexts throughout the day. Include a few sexy selfies. Tell them in detail what you want to do to them the minute you’re in the same room again later on. You’ll both be ready to go the minute it’s quickie time, guaranteed.

And if you have a chance, it’s never a bad idea to spend a little solo time with yourself just before it’s time for your quickie. Don’t take yourself all the way to orgasm, but do get yourself to a place where you’re fully aroused and entirely ready for action.

Add a toy for some extra oomph.

Sex toys aren’t just good for taking your solo time to new levels. They’re amazing when used with a partner, as well, and they’re a must if you’re serious about getting the absolute most out of your quickies. Some make especially great choices, as they’re designed to take on the go or to put into play in an instant.

Bullet vibes and vibrating eggs are small enough to stash in your purse or pocket, so they’re ready to go in no time flat. There are vibrators made to be worn in your underwear or that double as stylish jewelry so they can be worn around your neck or wrist. Pick your favorite, keep it charged up, and make sure it’s close at hand when it’s time to rock.

Don’t over-focus on orgasm.

Although orgasms are fantastic, and it’s great if you do have one during a quickie, they don’t have to be the ultimate goal. Instead, focus on the thrill of connecting with your partner and enjoying the incredible passion that comes along with a quickie. Quickies are great fun if you’re open to it, so relax and enjoy the ride.

And don’t assume that every quickie even has to include straight-up intercourse, either. Oral and manual sex make pretty hot ways to quickly connect and blow off some steam in a pinch, as well. Be creative, get lost in the moment, and enjoy the experience as it comes. Spontaneity is what quickies are all about.

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