January 2023 Box Review

January 2023 Box Review

If you’re like most self-proclaimed pleasure connoisseurs, you almost certainly have your favorite go-to sex toys you know will get the job done in a pinch. But you probably also think more is more regarding top-tier pleasure aids like adult toys, intimate products, accessories, and more. (And you’d be right!)

But building a great collection that’s as well-rounded as it should be is no easy feat when you’re on a budget, and that’s where Seductive Pleasure Box comes in. Our meticulously curated monthly boxes are second to none when it comes to variety, quality, and affordability.

So, if you’ve been looking for a little treat to help you make 2023 your year, you just might have found it. Here’s a closer look at some of the incredible products loyal subscribers to our monthly male-female couple’s box service got to enjoy last month.

Wild Pearls Vibrator

Every couple who loves using toys together needs at least one really incredible vibrating probe in their collection, and this deliciously designed option from our Wild Pearls VibratorJanuary box was a New Year’s wish come true for our subscribers. A classic rippled design is ideal for stimulating absolutely any pleasure seeker to absolute perfection.

Locate and activate her G-spot for some scintillating foreplay or a red-hot mutual masturbation session. Help him find and explore the possibilities when it comes to his P-spot. And don’t forget to put your Wild Pearls probe into play as a unique way to find and unlock additional pleasure centers for both of you, as well.

Silky ultra-premium silicone helps this probe glide effortlessly over your every curve, peak, and valley. Multi-speed functionality and intuitive touch-button controls make it a snap to finetune every pleasure session to your mood, whim, and liking. Superior durability rounds things out for an unstoppable combo that will be curling your toes for years to come.

Textured Extension Sleeve

Have you and your partner always wanted to experiment a little when it comes to size? Or perhaps you’re just always down to explore options that bring new levels of sensation to the table. Whatever the case may be, this sexy textured extension sleeve from last month’s box really makes it easy to level up.

Textured Extension SleeveA mutually pleasurable, artfully textured design fits the wearer like a glove and feels like a dream while you’re playing. And the added girth, length, and exterior texturing help ensure that the receiver’s every nerve ending is fully activated and stimulated.

Body-safe materials let you enjoy a little unique fun when you’re in the mood without worrying about how it will potentially impact your health. They make your extension sleeve easy to clean, store, and use, as well!

Girlgasm Arousal Cream

By now, you probably know that the key to consistently satisfying female orgasms is making sure full arousal has been achieved before you get down to Girlgasm Arousal Creambusiness. Well, this miraculous Girlgasm arousal cream not only takes the guesswork out of that process but ensures you both have an unforgettable time from start to finish.

To start with, Girlgasm helps boost blood flow right where it’s needed most for that deliciously plump feeling that lets you know you’re ready to go. It helps increase your natural lubrication while adding a little of its own, as well, making Girlgasm a must-add when it comes to any collection.

Big Dick Energy Girth Maximizing Cream

Our January box came complete with a little something to take his bedroom game up a few notches, as well. Again, every guy knows whatBig Dick Energy Girth Maximizing Cream it’s like to have one of those epically hard, huge erections at his disposal when it’s really time to rock his partner’s world. Big Dick Energy is a way to virtually guarantee a winning hard-on anytime you need one!

In particular, BDE is specially designed to fatten the shaft and add girth, the most crucial factor when it comes to the kind of mutually satisfying sex that memories are made of. And our January subscribers got to find out firsthand what that’s all about.

Sexy AF Nipple Couture

Our monthly boxes frequently include fun accessories to help you set the moodSexy AF Nipple Coutureor better look the part, as well, and January’s was no exception. Our subscribers were treated to a glittery pair of adhesive pasties from Sexy AF Nipple Couture – just the thing for putting the finishing touch on a steamy special occasion like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

Body-safe, skin-safe silicone lets the pasties adhere easily and safely to your sensitive skin for a little extra flare. Each box contained one of twelve different designs, each as lovely as the last.

As you can see, our January box came with a little something everyone could look forward to and enjoy this year. And, of course, our February box promises to be just as exciting, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today, and get ready to unbox some sweet surprises this month, courtesy of Seductive Pleasure Box.

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