Holiday Season Single

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Singleness This Holiday Season

Even if you generally love being single, the holidays can be a difficult time to be on your own. Party invitations come along with plus-ones, and you can only bring your bestie so many times before it gets old. Family get-togethers find too many relatives asking when you’re finally going to pair off with someone and get married.

It’s enough to make even the happiest, proudest single second-guess their life choices. So why not spend some of your energy celebrating being single this holiday season? Here are some great ideas to try yourself (or pass on to some single friends).

1.      Plan a solo getaway

While it’s great if you have family or friends you want to visit over the holidays, there’s more than one great reason to travel toward the end of the year. Single people can benefit from some time away from home base just as surely as anyone else.

Traveling solo builds character and gives people a chance to get to know themselves better. It’s also a golden opportunity to explore a new city of your choosing on no one’s terms but your own. Go as big or as little as you like.

2.      Have a “me time” holiday marathon

Almost everyone has a pet selection of holiday movies they love watching yearly. Some people are all about revisiting the same classics they grew up with, while others are absolute suckers for the really cheesy Hallmark Channel ones. And no two people seem to be able to agree on which marathon approach is the best.

Make this year’s marathon a “me time” event, and it can have absolutely any theme you want. Watch all your guilty pleasure holiday films as many times as you like. Indulge in a smorgasbord starring all your favorite snacks, and have a blast.

3.      Elevate your solo sessions

Don’t buy into the erroneous belief that you need another person in your life to have an absolutely phenomenal sex life. Singles deserve fantastic, toe-curling orgasms just as surely as anyone else does, and a really incredible sex toy collection is a terrific way to go about that.

If you’ve had your eye on a specific vibrator or another option for a while, by all means, treat yourself for the holidays. And if you’re more of an adventurous type, you might want to indulge in a sex subscription box from a top service like Seductive Pleasure Box. It’s a fantastic, economical way to build a collection while giving yourself a little something to look forward to each month.

4.      Send out singles cards

Who says holiday cards are just for relatives and families? Singles like being remembered and celebrated over the holidays just as surely as anyone else does, and choosing special holiday cards that honor that is a great way to make them feel seen.

Greeting card makers are creating a wider variety of cards than ever before – cards that celebrate all sorts of people and lifestyles, including singlehood. You can also find tons of uniquely creative options on sites like Etsy, which are beautiful ways to support independent artists at the same time.

5.      Host a raging holiday party

While wholesome family get-togethers are definitely a must toward the end of the year, there’s a lot to be said for the truly stylish bashes adults tend to throw for one another, as well. So why not make this year the year you finally plan and host your dream party?

Invite all your coolest, closest friends. Plan a menu that includes all of your favorite party foods and cocktails. Play fantastic music that suits your theme of choice. And, of course, dress to the nines and enjoy the bliss that comes with knowing you look like a million bucks. When you’re single, anything goes, and all possibilities are on the table.

6.      Revamp your personal space

There’s no need to wait for springtime to roll around again to give your personal space a much-needed makeover. The period that covers the end of one year and the beginning of the next is a terrific time to go through your things, purge the stuff that’s not serving you anymore, and replace what you got rid of with some fun new things.

Pick a day that works for you, put on some of your favorite music or some reruns of your favorite show, and get to work. Invite some friends over to help you, if you like. What spaces you clean out are up to you, but closets, fridges, junk drawers, and more are all fair game.

Ultimately, every life stage and lifestyle choice is worth celebrating, including singlehood. So don’t be afraid to kick up your heels and honor yours. You might just start a new holiday tradition to look forward to year after year.

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