Unique Bridal Gifts

5 Unique Bridal Gifts Any Future Wife Would Love

Although picking out just the right personal item to gift a friend who’s getting married can be lots of fun, it can be a little nerve-wracking, as well. Naturally, you want to give her something she’ll really enjoy and will actually use. But you don’t want it to be the same old thing everyone else gets a future wife, especially if you two are close.

That’s when it can be fun to be a little bit saucy or cheeky when it comes to your choice. Here’s a look at some uniquely entertaining options any bestie bride would be thrilled to get from a close female friend. Which ones sound like a fit for your friend?

1.      A Full-Service Spa Treatment

Every woman likes to be pampered and spoiled a little, especially when she’s getting ready to walk down the aisle, and it’s unlikely your bestie is any different. But she may or may not feel comfortable splurging on luxury experiences like spa treatments, especially if money’s been tight with planning the wedding and all.

So why not foot the bill so she can enjoy one guilt-free? Not only will a spa treatment complete with a bikini wax, skin treatments, body wraps, and more help a soon-to-be bride decompress and keep stress to a minimum, but it’s the best way to make sure she looks and feels her very best on her wedding day, as well as throughout her honeymoon.

2.      Professional Dance Lessons

That first beautiful dance your friend and her new husband will share as husband and wife is such an iconic moment. All eyes will be on her. And it will no doubt be a moment that will wind up immortalized in pictures and on video forever. In other words, it’s a moment every bride wants to be as close to perfect as possible.

Why not help her make that moment everything it ought to be by gifting her some professional dance lessons for herself and her husband? Not only will they confidently cruise onto the dance floor on their wedding day with all the right skills, but the gift of knowing how to dance well will keep giving all their lives. And who knows? They just might discover a new hobby to enjoy together in the process.

3.      A Sex-Focused Subscription Box

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have been gifted a subscription to a truly useful service, then you know what an incredible godsend such a gift can be. Because it doesn’t just mean something awesome you get to use once. It adds up to multiple useful gifts that can open a person’s whole world up.

A couples subscription box from a top service like Seductive Pleasure Box is among the best sex gifts for bride friends out there. Every month, your bestie and her new groom can look forward to yet another box of sexy, steamy goodies showing up in the mail. Each box includes a combination of premium couples’ sex toys, products, and accessories to try. You may even want to sign her up early to ensure her first box arrives in time for the honeymoon.

4.      A Bedroom Makeover

If you have the design skills to make this one happen on your own, then great. But there’s definitely nothing wrong with hiring a professional designer to do the job instead. The bedroom is one of the most essential rooms in the house for a newly married couple, but it’s also not uncommon for the existing vibe not to be in step with sexual bonding.

A revamped bedroom complete with sensual bedsheets, scented candles, sumptuous window coverings, and romantic decorations would make a wonderful gift for a newly married friend and her husband. And best of all, you can make a huge difference without breaking the bank, so don’t be afraid to look into your options.

5.      Stunning New Lingerie

If you know your friend well, you probably have a pretty good idea of what kind of lingerie she favors when she wants to look like a million bucks for her partner. Naturally, the right lingerie is a must-have for her wedding night and honeymoon. But a busy bride-to-be may or may not have had time to pick up as many new items as she might have liked.

Why not help her out by putting together a few positively stunning sets for her to make her honeymoon special? Try capturing a few different moods so she has something to choose from – for example, a couple of classic looks paired with one or two that are cheeky, fun, or extra flirty.

Sexy, fun, personal gifts like these are the type of thing every blushing bride-to-be wants and would appreciate but likely would never ask for – exactly why they make perfect personal gifts from a bestie!

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