October Box Review

Man/Woman Box Review: October 2022

At Seductive Pleasure Box, every one of our monthly boxes is designed with your ultimate pleasure in mind. And while the right adult toys are definitely part of that, they’re not the entire picture. That’s exactly why each of our boxes is curated with care to also include a full range of incredible products and accessories.

This October, we’ve got some beautiful picks lined up for all of our subscribers. But here’s an advance peek inside this month’s man-woman Seductive Pleasure Box. Which item are you most excited about taking for a spin with your partner?

Seductive Pleasure Wand

Anyone with even minimal adult toy experience likely already knows that a good pleasure wand is worth its weight in gold. Also sometimes known as wand massagers, pleasure wands are ideal for exploring a wide range of experiences – anything from a quick, toe-curling solo orgasm to a full-service erotic massage for your partner.

So naturally, we’re thrilled to feature our own Seductive Pleasure Wand as the star of this month’s subscription box! This wand features an awe-inspiring 20 vibration settings to explore and experiment with. Cycle through them all with absolute ease via intuitive touch-button controls, as well as adjust the speed of each.

The Seductive Pleasure Wand is also made of premium body-safe silicone, waterproof, and USB-rechargeable. That means you really can enjoy it however (and wherever) you like, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

A versatile design that works perfectly with anyone’s anatomy makes your new wand an ideal way to jazz up your go-to- foreplay routine. It’s also fantastic for taking the guesswork out of experiencing maximum mutual pleasure during intercourse, teasing each other during frisky love play, and just about anything else you can dream up.

Unique Male Masturbator

Many people simply assume that most adult toys are made with a woman’s ultimate pleasure in mind, but it’s officially time to change that thinking. Men can (and do) benefit from bringing male or unisex toys into the mix, as well. That’s why we’re proud and pleased to offer a genuinely unique male masturbator to our subscribers in this month’s box.

Our simple but effective design features a body-safe pleasure ring attached to a flexible silicone sleeve that’s perfect for taking your next manual stimulation session to exciting new heights. Internal texturing ensures maximum sensation, while superior portability makes it easy to take this toy anywhere life takes you.

And you only need to use this toy alone if you want to. Yes, it’s terrific for elevating your regular solo sessions, but we strongly recommend you try integrating it into manual play that involves your partner, as well.

Nip Zip Nipple Balm

Whether you already know you love nipple stimulation or are still waiting for the right opportunity to give it a try, this incredible Nip Zip Ice Cube nipple balm from Sensuva is an absolute must-try. It’s an all-natural, body-friendly chocolate mint balm that works equally well for male or female nipples, so you don’t have to worry about it harming your health or aggravating any allergies.

It also works equally well on lots of other body parts where you might enjoy experiencing a pleasant little tingle, so you totally have room to get a little creative. The intensity of the sensation and the duration of the effect depend on how much you apply, so go for a little or a lot according to what you’re interested in.

Seductive Pleasure Lingerie

When some serious love play is on the menu for the evening, dressing the part definitely doesn’t hurt. (And it’s a lot of fun, too.) Add this elegantly slinky lace bodysuit from Seductive Pleasure to your rotation, and watch the sparks fly!

Flexible material helps this bodysuit hug all of your curves so well, you’ll swear it was made just for you. And a gorgeous pattern and unique design ensure this piece will be one you’ll reach for again and again over time. One size fits most.

Seductive Pleasure Bath Salts

Frisky time and sensuous shared baths already make perfect music together. But adding our own Seductive Pleasure bath salts to your tub time routine will make getting sudsy on your own or with a partner extra appealing.

A seductive, pleasant scent turns any bath into a beautifully aromatic experience, while a nourishing formula leaves your skin feeling even more velvety smooth than it did before your bath. In other words, it’s a treat for all your senses and a great way to kick off a night of intimacy.

Not yet a Seductive Pleasure subscriber? Sign up to become one today, start counting the days until it’s time for your first goodie box to arrive, and prepare to push your limits in some seriously appealing new ways. You’ll love what it does for your love life!

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