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Why Every Man Owes It to Himself to Try a Sex Toy

When most people try to picture the average person who not only owns a sex toy but uses it regularly, they likely think of someone single or who otherwise has trouble finding human sex partners. They almost certainly picture a woman, but it’s officially time to let go of outmoded images like that.

As people become more open and authentic about the many ways, they like to experience pleasure, they’re also realizing that you don’t have to “need” a sex toy to benefit from one. Sex toys are officially for everyone, and that includes men like you. Here’s a closer look at why it’s totally time to add a sex toy to your personal pleasure routine if you haven’t already.

The right toys can help a man experience new types of pleasure.

Women have been swearing by sex toys for years for the way they help people experience new, exciting, and highly satisfying forms of pleasure – especially those that require the ability to access hard-to-find pleasure zones, like the female G-spot. Naturally, it’s not impossible to find and stimulate such hot spots on your own, but a toy makes it considerably easier to do so correctly, leaving you free to simply enjoy the ride.

If you’re like many men, you might have yet to experience the intense pleasure that comes with targeted prostate stimulation thanks to outdated social norms, a lack of know-how, or a combination of the two. However, a toy like a prostate massager can give you a user-friendly, safe, and private way to experiment.

A sex toy is an opportunity to reframe your idea of solo pleasure.

Everyone masturbates at least occasionally, men included. But if you’re like most, your solo sessions are mainly a means to an end – something to get you all the way to orgasm as quickly as possible. It’s high time you finally learned that self-pleasure can be so much more than that, and toys can help you get there.

Sex toys like strokers, penis pumps, prostate massagers, and cock rings are made specifically with your anatomy in mind and can help you discover a whole new world of sensations you might really enjoy. If you’re open to exploring the possibilities, they can help you transform your solo sessions into highly enjoyable ways to enjoy your body, take your time, and be good to yourself, as well.

Regular toy use can help you become a better lover.

Just about every guy dream of becoming the kind of man who can make love to his partner for record lengths of time and truly rock their world in the bedroom. However, common issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and a general lack of technique can get in the way of this. It doesn’t exactly help that rushing through masturbation trains a man’s body to orgasm quickly, making it even more challenging to last when in bed with a partner.

Sex toys, especially those that mimic realistic, highly stimulating experiences with a human partner, can help you perfect your lovemaking technique and improve your stamina over time. And best of all, you can do this on your own terms in a comfortable, judgment-free setting that lets you focus on getting more in sync with your body.

Using toys in the bedroom with a partner improves your sex life.

Even guys who’ve totally got their sexual technique perfected can benefit from introducing sex toys into the lovemaking routines they share with their partners. As wonderful as sex can be, there’s often a lot of pressure on both partners. If they don’t feel pressure to give their partner an orgasm, then they feel pressure to prove that they’re enjoying themselves by having one.

Toys like vibrating cock rings and magic bullets can help take the pressure off in that regard so the two of you can simply be free to enjoy each other and the special connection you share. Adding a toy to your play can also open up a lot of new potential for experimentation and future sexual exploration, so definitely don’t be afraid to embrace the possibilities.

Regular toy use is good for you.

Sex and masturbation are more than just pastimes that feel good. They’re healthy parts of an otherwise well-rounded life. Regular orgasms can help improve heart health, boost your mood, keep the effects of stress at bay, and more. And adopting an open, free attitude toward your body and sexuality is fantastic for your self-esteem, mental health, and relationships, as well.

In other words, the right sex toy (or several of them) can easily help you get more out of your sex life, whether you’re flying solo, dating around, or in a relationship with a long-term partner. Start with something approachable you’re comfortable with – like a simple pleasure sleeve or pleasure ring – and add more options to your repertoire when you’re comfortable.

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