What Is Love Language, How To Discover Yours

What Is Love Language, How To Discover Yours

Have you mastered the language of love? At Seductive Pleasure Box we are going to help your relationship get on track by discovering your love language.

At Seductive Pleasure Box we understand what makes any relationship a healthy and long lasting relationship and that is open and honest communication.

There are many different ways to communicate so today, we are going to share with you the language of love and how to discover yours.

What Is Love Language?

If you have never heard of the Love Language before, the concept is best understood as described by Dr Gary Chapman a relationship expert we happened to stumble across his best-seller “The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts”.

Ultimately, the love language guides couples to help them identify, understand and then speak using their partners ‘love languages’ which is key to a happy and healthy relationship - then if you add into the mix one of our Sex Toy Subscription Boxes for Couples you are sure to have an incredible sex life filled with surprises, delivered discreetly to your door every month.

There are 5 Love Languages and many relationship counselors use these when helping romantic couples reconnect with each other to deeply understand each other to resolve conflict in their relationships, you may also want to check out our blog article on Stress and Anxiety and how This can affect your sex life and sex drive.

It is important to remember in your relationship there is (mostly) two people who have different expectations and different needs in their way of communicating. When you are attracted to someone who is different to you, it is common to experience things about the other person that can cause anxiety and stress.

What Are The 5 Love Languages?

Words of affirmation: in its most simplest form, telling your partner you love them.

Acts of service: How you demonstrate that you are thinking of your partner, can be as simple as opening a door for them, bringing them a coffee in the morning or remembering that they love a certain sweet or food and surprising them by bringing one home.

Receiving gifts: Gifts are very symbolic, simply bringing a gift to your partner is a way of showing you are remembering them and placing value on the relationship buying them something of value that has meaning. Why not consider our award-winning Couples Adult Subscription Box?

Quality time: Spending time with your partner, without distraction is emphasized here so put away the mobile phone and turn off the computer and get close with each other or share in an experience together that will be a shared memory of closeness.

Physical touch: Public Displays of Affection (also known as PDA) is often an element missing from many relationships. Many couples complain their partner never holds their hand, for example. Consider giving your partner a morning kiss, or holding their hand as you walk through the park or when you are grocery shopping.

How To Discover Your Love Language:

Discovering yours (or your partners) love language starts with great communication. Start by asking yourself or your partner ‘What will make you feel loved in the relationship?’

The answer to this question will slot into one of the five love languages we have spoken about and you can use this to better understand how to approach your partner and meet their needs in your relationship together.

It is important to include a healthy amount of all the love languages in your relationship with a particular focus on the one that your partner identifies as the one that has the most impact.
Remember, it is important to communicate with your partner openly to ensure a happy and healthy, long-lasting relationship that is filled with sexual desire and exploration and at Seductive Pleasure we can help you take this exciting journey together with our Adult Subscription Boxes For Couples.

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