How Does Stress Affect Your Sex Life

How Does Stress Affect Your Sex Life

Did you know stress can affect your Sex Life? At Seductive Pleasure Box let us help you stop stress affecting your sex drive and improve your sex life now!

At Seductive Pleasure Box we understand and realize that stress is a part of life but did you know that it can affect your Sex Life? Have you ever wondered how your sex drive can be affected by stress?

Being stressed for extended periods of time can result in your sex life taking a hit, which adds to your already high stress levels (because you can struggle to find a release and explore what brings you pleasure).

So if you are asking yourself ‘Where has my sex drive gone?, or ‘Why does it take me longer to get into the right mood?’ And ‘ Why am I struggling to have an orgasm?’ This blog article is for you and so are our monthly subscription boxes filled with incredible sex toys for men, sex toys for women and sex toys for couples to unwind with new stress-relief friends for your bedroom, every month.

Why Stress Will Affect Your Sex Life:

Relationships are magical experiences and together you and your lover need to be able to manage your stress as a team - otherwise you love life can take a hit. Here are three ways stress can affect your sex drive.

1. The Human Nervous System.

Human beings have two nervous systems. Think of your nervous system like a car, your sympathetic nervous system is the accelerator and your parasympathetic nervous system is your brakes. You will always use the accelerator when experiencing difficulties and challenges in life.

When this happens, your stress response (the accelerator) is released in your body. This happens physically: your heart rate increases, your palms get sweaty, you experience inner discomfort. All of these things are really just your body providing you with a shot of energy to either fight the problems or to run away from them. But, when these challenges are dealt with and everything settles down, the accelerator will be stopped by the brake - which means you will relax. Stress over a long period of time, can actually feel like the accelerator has gotten jammed and there is no way to hit the brake. This will have your body working over time and your brake system will fail.
Sexuality works with your brakes. When the stress levels are high you are not going to want to engage sexually with your partner. Stress and Sex do not mix and it makes for less than pleasurable sexual experiences, hindering the adventure you could have when exploring pleasure with Seductive Pleasure Box.

2. Hormones Are Changing.

Cortisol (also known as the ‘Stress Hormone’) is produced when you have been stressed for a long period of time (with your foot on that accelerator we spoke about earlier). When you are suffering from stress or anxiety, testosterone production is reduced and when this happens your stress response is released. Testosterone is the sex hormone that impacts sex drive for both men and women, this means that your sex drive will decrease due to stress and anxiety.

3. Being Close is Replaced With Distance (or… Absence).

Sexuality and Sexual Desire is also affected by social, relational and psychological factors. So, when your stress hormones kick in, closeness is often replaced with distance or absence. It is impossible to be present - to listen and be interested in your partner if you are feeling stressed and anxious.

When your stress hormones are pumping this can lead to aggressive outbursts, you may feel like you are going to yell at your partner and start pushing people away that are there to support you mainly because you are struggling with coping with your stress levels.

This can result in insecurities surfacing which can cause the intimacy to fall away in your relationship, resulting in a decreased level of intimacy and sexual contact.

If you are struggling with stress and anxiety in your relationship, we recommend that you and your lover explore intimacy together with a Couples Adult Subscription Box that we deliver monthly to help open up communication in your sex life and explore desires together in a fun and exciting way.

SO... What Can We Do To Solve These Problems?

When sexuality is giving you a hard time, you need to address the underlying problem. Here is what we recommend at Seductive Pleasure Box to help you and your partner unwind, relax and reconnect with each other to reduce the stress and anxiety in your lives.

1. Openly Communicate With Your Partner.

Stress is normal part of life and everyone experiences this at some point in their life and for many people on a daily basis. It is important to communicate with your partner about what is stressing you out or causing you anxiety this can lead to better understanding of each other.

2. Handle Stress Together.

The more you and your partner work together on addressing the stress and anxiety in your lives that are affecting your relationship the better and stronger you will be as a couple. You will find that you are increasing your unified approach to life and intimacy will begin to increase in your relationship.

3. Understand That Sex Drives Will Come And Go.

Sometimes your sex drive is low and sometimes it is high, this is normal and totally okay. It may take some time before you are ready for action in the bedroom. If you can learn to understand and accept that this is a normal factor in your sex life, you will become more at ease with your sex drive and things will begin to increase again.

It is important to remember to always take time to check in with yourself on what is causing you stress and anxiety and address this is as soon as possible and consider sharing your feelings with your partner because together you can support each other.

4. Bring The Romance Back Into Your Relationship

Stress and Anxiety can sometimes cause damage to your relationship where the lust and desire for each other may have been reduced because of hurtful things that have been said in moments of rage as a result of extreme stress. We understand at Seductive Pleasure Box that this happens for many couples, which is why we encourage couples to explore our Couples Subscription Box which are designed to bring the excitement back into the bedroom for you to explore your deepest desires.

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