Sex Toys For Men

Sex Toys For Men: The Why Factor.

The Right Sex Toys For Men can unlock pleasure that even your wrist won’t bring you no matter how good you are at masturbation!

Men around the world are reducing their stress and boosting their immune system all at the same time with Sex Toys made just for them and we are delivering high quality Male Sex Toys in our Adult Subscription Boxes.

Myth Busting Sex Toys For Men.

At Seductive Pleasure Box we like to celebrate sex and pleasure amongst men, women and couples and it still is quite upsetting that men pleasuring themselves and using sex toys is still considered a ‘dirty secret’, yet for women it is generally considered ‘liberating’.

We think this misconception circulates because of the ease most men can orgasm compared to women and maybe because of how the media and advertising giants focus on women in advertising instead of men when selling sexualized products and services.

Maybe. What do you think?

There really is no definitive answer to why this misconception is out there because with hundreds of men around the world who we are helping achieve better orgasms, explore their sexuality and fantasies with our Monthly Adult Subscription Boxes around the world; we know from experience that sex toys for men is worth considering for both mental and sexual health.

We are passionate about Sexual Health and Sexual Wellness and that is why we are sharing with you everything a man needs to know when investing in adult pleasure products below:

1. It’s Time For A Ring Toss.

Cock Rings are a handy pleasure product for Men gently worn around the base of the penis (sometimes the testicles too), restricting blood flow for a bigger, fuller looking and longer lasting erection.

When playing on your own, they can help you control your orgasms and response so that you can last longer when engaging with others.

2. Intimately Innovative.

Masturbation Sleeves are fast becoming popular (they also have a cheekier name known as Pocket Pussies). Exploding in demand, sleeves are a great way to replace your hand with something awesome that feels like you are having sex with a life-like Vagina, Anus or Mouth.

Today, masturbation sleeves now incorporate sensory controls from heat to vibrations for more intense pleasure and increased sensitivity.

3. Prostate Magic.

Ever considered a Prostate Massager? This is where the massage is now internalized close to your prostate with vibrations to help stimulate an erection and help men reach orgasm.

Prostate Massagers are also proven to support prostate health reducing the risks of prostatitis, prostate cancer as well as improving erectile dysfunction alongside increasing the circulation of sisal fluids.

So have we got you excited to try Sex Toys For Men yet?

We know that Men who love pleasure, will love sex toys and that is why we have created an Adult Subscription Box just for Men.

Whether you explore on your own with our Solo Subscription Boxes or with your lover with our Couples Subscription Boxes, we want your journey to be exciting!

So... Get Ready To Say Yes! Yes! Yes! Simply Choose Your Preference, Wait Until Your Box Arrives Each Month, Unbox and Start Exploring!

So what are you waiting for?

Our Sex Toy Subscription Boxes could be just what you have been searching for to discover new pleasures you never thought were possible.

Which Subscription Box Fits Your Pleasure?

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