6 Foods That Will Boost Your Sex Life!

6 Foods That Will Boost Your Sex Life!

We are sure you have heard the saying "You are what you eat".

Did you also know that when it comes to boosting your sex life, food tops the list for having the biggest impact on how frisky and ready for pleasure you are?

At Seductive Pleasure we have done some research to find out the Top 6 Foods that will boost your Sex Life and help you enjoy our adult subscription boxes again, and again...and again!

Now... let's get sexual with food shall we?

1. Avocados

Rich with good fats, Avocados nourish the testes and the female genitalia in turn increasing the blood flow and moderating your blood pressure keeping you ready for action!

2. Almonds

Get your hands on some "nuts" (okay, even we giggled a little when we wrote this!) - almond nuts as they are the best libido boosting snack food on the planet; boosting your sexual stamina and your overall health.

3. Strawberries

Something a little sweeter, Rich in Vitamin C Strawberries are the perfect food to help men maintain healthy sperm and be sure to help with having a baby after all the target practice and fun you have had with our adult subscription boxes.

4. Oysters

High in zinc Oysters are regarded as one of the top aphrodisiac foods and while they are not the most sexy of foods they will raise testosterone levels which we think is worth closing your eyes and swallowing a couple down right?

5. Figs?

Yes you read that right. Figs are full of vital nutrients. These fruits also feature a high level of Zinc so they are way up there with Oysters and they are a little prettier too.

6. Salad

It's time you made friends with salad. Especially one known as the Arugula which is known for being able to absorb toxins in the body which can slow down your sexual stamina and libido. So why not consider adding some Arugula to your side-salad next time?

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