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Subscription vs. Store-Bought: Why Seductive Pleasure Box is the New Way to Shop Adult Toys

While sex toys have been around for quite some time, there was a period when having or talking about sex toys was taboo. The reason behind that is because of the late 1960s sex toy craze where men were “addicted to sex toys.” It was only in the early 2000s when sex toys became less taboo when the Hitachi, also known as “the magic wand,” was introduced to the market where sex toys started becoming less taboo again.

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Today, customers have a bigger choice when it comes to sex toys, but on the other hand, they can buy something that will not suffice their needs, it will be of bad quality, or they just simply get overwhelmed by the options so they do not buy anything.

But as modern problems require modern solutions, the perfect solution for this is the sex toy subscription box which provides its customers not only high-quality sex toys but those that have proven to provide pleasure and are the latest trends.

Subscription vs Store-Bought: An Overview

There is quite a difference between getting yourself a sex toy box and going for a store-bought experience. When it comes to the store-bought experience, in the modern world that we live in, it is a bit impractical for many people. Not only because it takes time of your day to go to the sex shop but also because browsing through items is quite slow.

Of course, you can also do it online, but this too has a downside, which is the part where you cannot see if the item you are buying is made of quality materials, if it is as big as the description says, if they even have it in stock, etc.

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However, when it comes to the sex toy subscription box, most of those problems go away. You do not have to waste time thinking about what you will get. You also do not have to be worried if what you are going to get is high-quality, as all items in the pleasure box are curated by experts, and they do not put bad items in front of their names.

The Rise of Subscription Services

In the earliest days of the internet, somewhere in the mid-2000s, many companies attempted to sell mystery boxes of various themes. Of course, it was quite a big success, and the more themes caught into the trend, it was only a matter of time until someone came up with the box of sex toys for a subscription.

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While a lot of people were skeptical about mystery sex toys online, as they did not know if they could use what they get, there is a big reason why this trend is so incredibly popular today. The reason, of course, is that people slowly realized that no matter what they get, they will have some sort of benefit, especially for couples. Sex is a very powerful tool, as there is always more to explore, and the more the person explores their sexuality and kinks, the more self-empowerment they will get.

Benefits of Seductive Pleasure Box

For those who are looking for a sexy subscription box that they will be excited about every month, there is no better option than Seductive Pleasure Box. The main reason why that is the case is because, unlike other subscription boxes which happen to provide their customers with sex toys that are trending right now, Seductive Pleasure Box lets experts pick what their next month is going to have.

That means that the customer will never receive a low-quality product just so the company can make more money, and the toys will always bring something new into the sex life of each customer. After all, what is the point of sex toy subscription boxes if they repeat the toy type every month, and if they are low quality?

The biggest benefit of the Seductive Pleasure Box’s monthly sex box is the element of surprise. Of course, not everyone likes to be surprised when they are spending money on something, but there is a reason why this subscription box is so popular – even those who don't usually like surprises keep coming back. Why? Because the sex toys in these boxes are just that amazing.

Drawbacks of Store-Bought Adult Toys

One of the biggest drawbacks of store-bought adult toys is that even if you technically know what you will get, you cannot really know certain things about your purchase. For starters, many sex toys tend to be overpriced when you buy them from the store, which is why the sexy box subscription seems like such an affordable option.

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On top of that, the quality of the toys may look good in pictures and in the descriptions, but in reality, they are usually on the lower end of quality unless you are spending the big bucks, which goes back to the first negative of store-bought adult toys.

Closer Look at Seductive Pleasure Box

The subscription to the Seductive Pleasure Box costs $59.99 per month, and the price can be lowered for those who subscribe for multiple months. Unlike most subscription boxes, you are not going to get any samples, but instead, you will receive 5-6 items in total. One or two of those items are going to be full-size toys, while the other 3-4 items are going to be accessories.

The sex toy mystery box is shipped in a discreet way, so you do not have to worry about the packaging or the billing information in case you do not want anyone to know that you are ordering a sex box.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

While there are many customer reviews out there for both subscription boxes and store-bought adult toys, here are two examples that show the clear difference between these two services:

  • Alexander D. – I recently got my first couples sex box from the adult toy subscription box service called Seductive Pleasure Box, and I must say that I am super excited about it. The items are high-quality, my girlfriend and I already tried out all of the toys and accessories, even if we were expecting only one of them to be good. I could not recommend this enough.
  • Sarah Z. – My boyfriend and I had some issues in our sex life recently , as it got a bit stale. Because of that, we decided to give the Seductive Pleasure Box a try, even if we were skeptical that it will fix anything. I can easily say that when the first box arrived, we immediately used all of the contents and it reignited our sex life more than we could imagine. Needless to say, we subscribed for a few more boxes.

Future Trends in Adult Toy Shopping

When it comes to future trends of adult sex toy shopping, there is no doubt that subscription sex boxes are going to become the main way of getting sex toys. While there might be individuals who know exactly what they want to get from the store, for most customers, being surprised by high-quality items is a much better option than wasting time browsing for the toys themselves and then ending up disappointed.


Due to the high increase in people getting sex toys, the market is saturated with bad products. Even if they look good in pictures and have descriptions that make them look like the best of the best, in reality, if you shop for sex toys yourself, especially online, you never know what you are going to get. Because of that, you might as well try a subscription box for adult toys because even if you do not know what you’re getting, at least you know it will be worth your money in every way possible.

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