How to Feel Sexier and More Desirable on Your Period

How to Feel Sexier and More Desirable on Your Period

It can be hard enough to feel like yourself when you're on your period, let alone feel genuinely desirable or sexy. But you’re only human for wishing there was a way to change that. Everyone deserves to feel their best as often as possible, and there’s no reason why that can’t include the days you’re on your period.

Thankfully, feeling sexier on your period is far from a lost cause. It’s easily achievable if you’re willing to put your mind to it. Here are some fantastic tips to get you started in the right direction.

Talk about it with your partner and friends

If you were raised to think of periods as something you never talk about, if it can be helped, then it makes sense that you might think of yours as a dirty little secret. But the problem with that thinking is it can leave you feeling like you’re all alone in not feeling your best for an entire week every month.

Feeling better and sexier on your period starts with reframing how you think of that time of the month, and communicating with people you’re close to can help a lot with that. Commiserate with your friends or let your partner in on how you feel. Give them a chance to validate you and make things better for you.

Upgrade your underwear

Although most women alter their underwear choices during their periods, so many go about it the wrong way. They reach for old panties that are past their prime, so they don’t have to worry about stains or ugly granny-style options that they hope will be more comfortable if they bloat. If that sounds like you, it’s time to invest in some better choices to reach for during your period.

Banish the idea that underwear can’t be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Picks like boy shorts, bralettes, and similar options come in various colors, patterns, and cuts, making it easy to have underwear on hand that’s both cute and easy to wear.

And for those days where you need or want to be extra careful about your choice of underwear or simply don’t want to mess with bulky or uncomfortable feminine products, there are cute period underwear options out there. These are an especially good choice for feeling more like yourself when it’s time to get into bed at night and cuddle with your partner.

Embrace period sex

Although it’s understandable that sex might be the last thing on your to-do list if you’re already not feeling very desirable, it’s one of the best things you can do to feel sexier.

For starters, many women feel friskier than average during their periods, and their partners are often as interested as ever. They just don’t do anything about it because they think period sex is gross, dirty, or somehow off limits. Sex – especially sex that results in orgasm – can also help ease any pain and discomfort you might be experiencing because of your period.

So while you never have to do anything you genuinely don’t want to do, you owe it to yourself to give period sex an honest try before you knock it. You’ll likely see that it’s no big deal. But if you’re a little nervous about diving right into sex with a partner while on your period, start by flying solo for a while instead.

Shower or bathe more often

If the main issue that keeps you from feeling sexy while on your period is the lingering impression that it’s impossible to stay clean, give yourself permission to step things up in the hygiene department. Shower more often or fill in the gaps between showers with soothing bubble baths, complete with all your favorite bath products.

Keep your skin feeling supple and soft instead of dry by following each bathing session with plenty of moisturizer and body lotion. Add a powerful finishing touch by spritzing on a bit of a favorite perfume. Be sure to choose something that never fails to make you feel pretty and sexy.

Switch things up

Sometimes all it really takes to feel sexier, more desirable, and generally more interested in sex is a little something extra to get excited about. When you know your period’s on the way, make plans to invest extra time in self-care. Treat yourself well, take care of yourself, and embrace small changes that make things easier.

And if you want to actively invest in tapping into your libido, don’t be afraid to make exploring the possibilities harder to resist with some fun new toys, bedroom accessories, or personal products to try. Treat yourself and your partner to some sexy sheets, a new sensual candle, or a specific type of sex toy you’ve always wanted to try. You’ll be feeling sexier in no time!

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