Sex myths debunked

7 Common sex myths debunked

So good looking, let’s talk about Sex! Are you ready?

At Seductive Pleasure we are passionate about helping our subscribers as well as men, women and couples around the world enjoy their sex lives.

We have done some digging and even asked our subscribers around the world to help us debunk 7 common sex myths that we were not quite sure if they were true or not - but now we know and we want to share them with you!

1. Men cannot have multiple orgasms.


Sorry ladies, you are not alone with this in fact men can have multiple orgasms however not as many as the ladies. Research has found that 30% of women have experienced multiple orgasms and only about 10% of men will achieve this regularly.

2. When you feel sick, you should not have sex.


Did you know Sex can make you feel better if you are feeling sick? Powerful endorphins are released when you orgasm that are stronger than painkillers and can help relieve tensions that restrict blood vessels in the brain.

Sex can actually help cure mild depression with the endorphins that flow into the bloodstream producing euphoria and leaving you with a sense of bliss.

- and - the more sex you have the stronger your immune system for up to ten days. So now there is a sexier reason to keep tissues next to your bed?

We also found it really entertaining that if you have sex regularly it can help unblock your sinuses as sex works as a natural antihistamine.

3. Women reach their sexual peak at 28, Men reach theirs at 18.


Sexual Hormones have their limits and this fact is quite true. For the boys, testosterone peaks at around 18 years of age and for the girls it will hit its highest point at around 22 years of age.

However, sexual peak does not mean you hit your peak performance so make sure you get as much practice in as you can (hehe).

4. Every 7 seconds a man thinks about sex.


23% of men actually claim to fantasize about sex, but maybe the rest of the men are too distracted to check what time it is?

5. If you wear a Condom, Sex is not as fun.


In fact, Condoms can actually make sex more enjoyable it is all about making sure you find the right size and shape condom.

There are so many varieties of condoms on the market from ribbed to thin so make sure you find the condom that is right for you - most men buy the wrong size and shape and this can make sex uncomfortable.

6. Sex is better than the treadmill.


If you can last 30 minutes you will burn 85-150 calories which means you would need to have sex 35 times a week for half an hour to lose at least 1 pound of body weight in a week.

The average duration of sex is 5 minutes. ( do you have the stamina? )

7. Bigger is better.


A bigger penis does not mean that it will be better sex, in fact sometimes bigger means it can be more painful and harder for both people to enjoy having sex at all.

So it is really all about how you use it that matters! *wink*

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