5 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Try for Killer Orgasms

5 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Try for Killer Orgasms

Although there’s more to great sex (solo or otherwise) than orgasms, let’s face it a genuinely fantastic orgasm is too great to miss out on. You would be doing yourself a real disservice by not making them a regular part of your life. But knowing you could stand to have more orgasms is one thing, settling on the best way to get them is another.

A great way to start is to make masturbation a regular part of your life, whether or not you’re in a relationship. Then add some terrific adult toys to the mix to experiment with fun new ways to enjoy yourself and discover what techniques give you the best orgasms. Here are a few options every woman should take for a spin at least once.

1.      Clitoral Sucker

If you’re like most women, your clitoris is probably the straightest route to Orgasm Town, so stimulating it is likely your go-to option when you’re in the mood for a quick and dirty climax. But the big, wonderful world of adult toys can introduce you to some incredible new ways to get the clitoral stimulation you know you need.

Clitoral suckers are designed with your clit and nothing but your clit in mind, so you can definitely count on one to give you a good-quality orgasm when you want it. But the sensation they deliver is really similar to the experience of receiving oral from a lover, so they’re too good to miss.

2.      G-Spot Vibrator

Some women enjoy having their G-spots stimulated more than others, but every woman owes it to herself to properly activate hers at least once. Accurately locating it in the first place can pose a bit of a challenge, though, which can kill the mood a bit if you’re trying to do it for the first time in the heat of the moment.

A good G-spot vibrator takes all the guesswork out of the entire process, so it’s worth every pleasure-loving woman’s while to keep one on hand. G-spot vibes are ergonomically designed to zero in on just the right spot and deliver the firm, constant pressure necessary to achieve a good orgasm that way. No more guessing or wondering whether you’re doing things right!

3.      Couple’s Vibrator

Not only are sex toys no longer considered just for women, but they’re not strictly just for singles anymore, either. Couples from all walks of life are discovering just how many benefits the right vibrator can bring to the table for their sex lives together, and it just might be time for you and your partner to join their ranks.

Although any vibrator can be considered a couple’s vibrator if you’re willing to get a little creative, there are some fantastic designs out there designed specifically for partnered use. For instance, many top brands like We-Vibe produce hands-free vibes you can wear while you make love for the added pleasure of both people involved.

4.      Bullet Vibrator

If you’ve never tried a bullet vibe on for size before, it’s high time you found out exactly what you’ve been missing. Bullets are among the most versatile toy varieties out there, so they’re perfect for pleasure lovers who like to reserve the right to get creative once in a while. They’re also equally great for using on your own or with a partner.

Bullets can stimulate you internally or externally. They can glide over your body (or your partner’s) and help you discover exciting new erogenous zones to explore. They’re also compact, discreet, and highly portable, so they’re ideal for taking on the go or toting along with you when it’s time for a vacation.

5.      Sexy Discovery Box

Monthly subscription boxes are red hot these days. Whatever you happen to be into – from makeup, to snacks from around the world, to collectibles – there’s a discovery box out there created with your interests in mind. Companies like Seductive Pleasure Box are putting out some pretty serious sensual options these days, as well.

Seductive Pleasure Box will send you a beautifully curated box featuring an impressive selection of premium sex toys and other adult accessories for one reasonable monthly price. If you’re a sex-positive woman who’s been meaning to make her personal pleasure a bigger priority, then it’s a great time to be alive. Go on a search for your one and only Holy Grail toy, or start a pleasure chest that includes a little something for every mood, whim, and occasion. Your sex life is ultimately what you make of it.

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