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Surprise your loved ones with a couples sex box

There are many things you could do for someone you care about, but if you really want your gift to stand out, you'll have to start thinking outside the box. First, you have to stop and think for a second about what your loved ones love, and only then can you proceed. Well, if you know someone enough to call a close friend, then you will definitely know if gifting them a box of sex toys is the right move or not.

Some people are a bit shy talking about anything remotely connected to sex, but that won't be an issue. You don't have to convince anyone to take the sexy box from your hands. You can send them an anonymous package, and once it arrives, they'll have no other choice but to open it up and test it out.

Now, you must be wondering why someone would surprise their friends or family with a couples sex box instead of giving them any other gift. Well, there are numerous reasons why this type of gift is the perfect choice, and we're going to talk about the most important ones.

Make their sex life more interesting

Suppose you have been talking to a friend of yours, and they confided in you and told you that their sex life has gotten worse than in the beginning and that they don't know what to do to fix it. Well, if you don't be the one who directly suggests they do something in particular, you can subscribe them to a monthly sex box and let them work out their issues by themselves.

Anyone who gets an adult mystery box will quickly figure out what to do with it, and I promise you that they won't even think for a second about returning it. I mean, who in their right mind would turn down a box of sex toys that will most definitely make their sex life much more interesting?

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It's all up to you to decide what kind of gift you want to send them. I won't be getting into that too much because that's all up to you and your personal preferences. If you care about someone a lot and would like to do as much as you can to make their sex life interesting, then you might want to give them a new box every few months.

The good thing is that you can select a frequency of how often a new box will arrive, and when the time comes, a new box will arrive on your doorstep. So, if you've made up your mind, you'll have to choose between monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly shipments. After that, you'll just have to pay, and your part will be done. The rest will be up to them!

What makes sex toy boxes special?

You might stop and wonder what makes these sex boxes so special, but don't worry; you'll get your answer soon. One of the reasons why people decide to purchase these mystery boxes is that they have no idea what they will get this time. There's something special about not knowing every single thing because you'll get even more surprised once the package finally arrives.

Everyone can go to the sex shop and purchase any toy they find interesting, but instead of that, how about you grab the sex subscription box and hope for the best? I'll tell you right away that there's no way you'll get a cheap toy that won't come in handy. Quite the contrary, actually. You'll find use of every single item that arrives, and that brings me to the next point.

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You won't be just purchasing sex toys. You'll be getting a lot more than a dildo, a vibrator, or some other sex toy that will provide you with insane pleasure. Every sex toy mystery box includes one or two full-size sex toys and three or four accessories.

Even though you won't know what's coming to you this month, here's what you can hope for. I think that we are clear on the sex toy part, but what kind of accessories might arrive in the package? Well, there are numerous possibilities. You might get a pair of handcuffs, restraints, ball gag, or something else. All you have to do is think outside of the box, and you'll get your answer!

Not only will you get a couple of random toys and accessories, but you will also be able to save a lot of money by getting those items this way. The retail price of everything included is $120, but if you decide to get the sexy box, you'll be able to save $50 every time you place a new order!

Explore your kinky side

Even though we are talking about surprising someone you care about with a gift, no one is stopping you from getting a box for yourself as well. All you'll have to do is change the address, but let's not get into that now. I'm sure you'll figure that out on your own.

Many people out there have a pretty boring sex life, and that's because they aren't open-minded like you are. Sure, having sex with a person you love is amazing, but is that the best it can be? Of course not! There's always more; you just have to ask yourself how far you are willing to go.

You might not think that a sex box subscription will make a big difference, but trust me when I tell you that it will. Even the first package that arrives will make a significant impact on your sex life, but why is that? Well, getting those items we've just talked about will give you a lot more options. You won't just have to have sex like you're used to. You'll be able to do so much more!

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Have you ever thought about stepping it up a notch but never knew how to? Well, using a couple of accessories you get will definitely help you out. Putting on restraints on your partner might just be the first step in doing that. After that, you can use those toys to satisfy them, or you could simply introduce those same toys into your sex life. It's all up to you!

The couples sex box is made to satisfy both a man and a woman. You won't have to worry about getting toys that are more suitable for one person or the other. Both of you will have a ton of fun with everything included, so not only will you be able to satisfy your partner, but you will also be able to get that same pleasure as well.

Your sex toy collection can never get too big. I support the decision to start small, but after a while, you'll start pushing your limits and will need more toys. Well, if you want to keep exploring your naughty side, you can get yourself a new box quite often, so you won't have to keep using those same toys and accessories you got a while ago. Thanks to multiple sex toy subscription boxes, you'll be able to choose the one that suits you the most and will finally be able to make your dreams come true!

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