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From vanilla to adventure with a couples sex box

Kinky sex is not for everyone. But how can you know whether it is your cup of tea unless you try it out? Of course, this involves both partners being on the same page. So, if you’ve been having vanilla sex all this time and you are interested in trying something new, the sex toy subscription boxes might just be the thing you need.

There aren’t that many sex positions you can try without eventually trying them all out. Eventually, things can get boring, especially for couples who have an active sex life. So, what can you do to spice things up? Introducing sex toys into the bedroom is a great choice. If you check out Seductive Pleasure Box, you can order a monthly sex box to spice things up!

By having sex toy subscription boxes delivered regularly, you never have to worry about having a dull moment in the bedroom. That said, this also depends on how often you engage in sexual activities. For those who are searching to spice things up in the bedroom, having a box of sex toys is a great choice. So, let’s talk about that.

Talk to your partner first!

If you think your sex is vanilla, maybe it is time to talk to your partner. While a couples sex box can help make things more interesting, you should first communicate that to your partner. You should not just randomly pull out toys during the deed. That can be disrespectful to your partner’s boundaries.

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Instead, have the talk first. Tell your partner that you would like to make things more interesting in the bedroom. You can mention that you found sex boxes that do all the search for you. If they are intrigued, you can browse for sex toys together. But, if they are not interested in using sex toys in the bedroom, learn how to take ‘No’ as an answer. Not everyone likes to use sex toys while being intimate, and that is ok!

Find the toys you like

Once both of you are on the same page, you can start browsing for sex toys. Lucky for you, the world today is filled with a lot of sexy options. That said, if you are a beginner, this might not be such good news. Which toy should you start with? What should you pay attention to first? There are many things to be considered.

That is why we’ve created sex toy boxes. If you get a sex toy mystery box, you have toys delivered regularly. You never know what you are getting, but you can rest assured that you will always be getting top-notch quality toys.

All our boxes contain toys perfect for singles and couples. They have sex toys and accessories hand-picked by sex experts. All the toys are high-quality, made from body-safe materials, and designed to last a long time. With the monthly sex box options, you’ll end up with a sex toy collection in no time!

That said, if you are planning to get a sex box subscription, you can choose how often you want to receive the box. This all depends on the frequency of sexual activity. So, if you and your partner engage in lovemaking a couple of times a week, getting the monthly sex box is a great choice. If you have sex occasionally, having the box delivered quarterly is probably a better option. On Seductive Pleasure Box, we provide you with various options!

Consider different fetishes

Using toys is fun! But you can also incorporate various other fetishes. Who knows? You might just find something that tickles your fancy in the best way possible. The sexy box can provide you with many opportunities. Sometimes, they include fetish-like toys, like handcuffs, blindfolds, and similar things. When receiving sex boxes, keep an open mind!

We always make sure to include a variety. This is because people are into different things. So, if one adult mystery box did not hit the spot quite right, it does not mean that the other will not. Each box is different!

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If you receive toys you don’t fancy that much, you can always incorporate them differently. How about using role-play as a way to trick your mind into liking them? Or can you use them in unconventional ways? If you are very sex-positive, you can always create a display case of all the naughty goodies you’ve never used. The options are endless.

That said, Seductive Pleasure Box always makes sure to provide toys that everyone enjoys. These are all quality toys designed to last a long time, so as long as you take good care of them, they will last you a lifetime!

It’s all about mutual fun!

Are you planning to introduce toys into the bedroom? Well, a sex toy box can definitely make things a lot less vanilla. However, you need to keep in mind that sex is about two, sometimes more, people. You need to find toys you can mutually enjoy, not just for yourself. This is exactly why sex boxes are a great choice. Instead of providing you with toys for just one person, you have multiple options to choose from. Our sex toy boxes for couples are the most popular out there. Why? They deliver the goods, and we stay consistent.

If you order sex toy subscription boxes, you don’t have to worry about shopping. This can be rather overwhelming for rookies. Let’s not forget that ordering sex toys can be very expensive, as well. Instead of wasting your money creating a collection by picking out the toys yourself, you can leave that to us. Our couples sex box has helped many couples make things more interesting in the bedroom. We provide you with adult mystery boxes for same-sex couples as well!

It all comes down to your personal preferences. If you enjoy browsing for sex toys manually, go ahead. Many amazing sex shops will deliver to your doorstep. But if you find that task tedious and you enjoy sexy surprises for a lower price, check out our sex toy subscription boxes on Seductive Pleasure Box!

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