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Venture into new kinks together with couples' sex box subscription

Staying connected and trying new things to keep the spark alive is crucial in relationships. A fun and innovative way to spice up your bedroom adventures is by subscribing to a sex toy box. These boxes are cool because they are put together to add excitement to your love life.

Sexy toy boxes include a mix of intimate products to suit different preferences and desires, making them perfect if you are up for trying something new. If you are wondering how getting sex toy boxes can amp up your bedroom experience, let us explore all the ways they can bring some freshness to your relationship.

Say goodbye to monotony

If you happen to have some issues when it comes to bedroom adventures with your partner in terms of monotony, then the sexy box is the perfect thing to add to your life. Nothing sparks up the heat in the bedroom like a mystery and a surprise, and the pleasure box easily delivers on both of those frontiers and more.

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When subscribed to the box of sex toys, you will receive mysterious new items each month, and while not knowing what you are getting might seem like an odd choice, it is actually the essence that breaks the monotony for couples.

It begins when your first sex toy box arrives, as since neither of you knows what you are getting from the box, you will be excited the moment you start unboxing it. Then, the excitement rises when you discover each new item from the box and continues once you discover all the ways you can use your new toys.

Getting an adult toy subscription box is the easiest way to break that monotony of doing the same things in the bedroom, and the monotony will never happen again, as each month, the contents of the box are different. One month, the monthly sex box might include some toys and accessories that are related to BDSM, while another month, they might be related to some other kind of naughty play.

You would be surprised just how many different sex toys are out there, which makes the possibility of monthly sex boxes almost endless. Each month is a mystery, and once you experience that element of surprise when you unbox the sex boxes, you will never want to go back to the monotony that you once had.

Full discretion and a great time saver

When it comes to sex toys, couples who have not yet ventured into their beautiful world and the naughty possibilities that they offer usually tend to be in that position for a few reasons. The main one usually tends to be that couples do not know what they are looking for, and the second one is that they are too embarrassed to browse for sex toys on their own, especially when it comes to visiting an adult sex shop in person.

With the monthly sex box, you do not have to worry about such a thing, as each sex toy mystery box is delivered right to your doorstep, and it also comes in a discreet package. This means that if you are not home and the delivery person leaves it at the doorstep, the neighbors will not know what you ordered, and neither will the delivery person.

Of course, if you are ordering for your partner to surprise them, the discreet package also has some advantages. Another great thing about being subscribed to the adult mystery box is that it is going to save you a lot of time, even if you are already experienced with sex toys and know where and what to look for.

You will not have to use your time browsing online shops and doing research on sex toys before you buy them, and if you are going to a physical adult sex shop, you will be saving even more time. The sex boxes always come in time at the beginning of the month, and the only thing you have to spend your time with them is to unbox them and have fun with the contents inside.

Subscription can come in as often as you want it to

You don’t feel like you need to have a sex box subscription every month? No problem! When it comes to the pleasure box subscription, you can increase your sex toy collection as often as you want.

Those who often explore new kinks in the bedroom will probably decide to go for the monthly sexy subscription box, while those who are less adventurous can opt for a bi-monthly or a quarterly subscription instead. No matter what kind of subscription you decide to go for, you can also schedule it for a whole year. The sex subscription box is quite flexible when it comes to frequency.

What to expect from a sex box?

Of course, the most important part of the sex toy subscription box for many is its contents. Since it is a mystery box, you will not know what you are getting while subscribed to the box of sex toys, but as we mentioned earlier, that is the beauty of it.

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Still, you can expect one or two full-size sex toys that will be more than enough to sate your curiosity for new pleasures during the month, and next to the main toys, you will also receive some accessories. Because there are so many toys and accessories, you can always expect something new to spark up your imagination in the bedroom.

One of the most important things when going shopping for sex toys, and a mistake more common than you might think, is to look for the quality of the toys. The great part about the monthly sex box is that all of the toys are hand-picked by experts.

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This means that you will not get any of that cheap stuff in the box, and you will not have to worry about materials that can irritate the skin or worse. Just from the aspect of quality and safety, the couples sex box is a fantastic way to explore new things in your sex life.

On top of all that, the monthly sex box is very affordable as well. You will be saving quite a bit, as the average value of the content is $120 for each sex toy box.

More boxes equals more pleasure

While all sex toys you receive from the sex toy subscription are usable on their own by yourself or with your partner, the bigger your sex toy collection gets, the more experimenting you can do. This is especially true for accessories, as a lot of them can add new flavor to experiences you may have already been familiar with.

Some toys might reignite lost opportunities

Because the items in the sex boxes are of high quality and made out of materials that do not irritate the users, they open doors to couples who have tried some sex toys in the past only to find their new ideas a letdown. With the sex toy subscription boxes, you might discover that some of the pleasures you were not fond of in the past are much more pleasurable than you thought, just because you are actually getting the good stuff.

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