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Why Everyone Should Try An Adult Toy Subscription At least Once?

Not long ago, in the early days of the internet, it was quite taboo to own or even talk about sex toys. However, times have changed, and today, not only that it is strongly encouraged to own a sex toy, but couples will often get one for their partner in order to help one another explore their sexuality.

For those who are still embarrassed to go to the sex store in person and browse through all available items, or those who just want to expand their sexual experiences, the sex toy subscription box is a popular new trend that is worth checking out. The sex toy box is a monthly subscription where subscribers receive 1-2 full-sized toys and 3-4 accessories that will spice up their sex life.

The Appeal of Adult Toy Subscriptions

One of the things that makes the sexy box so appealing to subscribers is the element of surprise, as subscribers are not the ones picking out the toys they receive. Instead, the contents of the sex toy subscription are curated and designed by experts who can provide all subscribers with something that they will definitely want to try out.

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Another big appeal of the sex subscription box is that it allows its subscribers to explore new experiences safely, as all of the toys and accessories that are within the box are created from body-safe materials.

By being subscribed to this service, users can indulge in personal growth and self-discovery even better than they would if they purchased the toys themselves, as a lot of people are afraid to experiment unless they receive certain sex toys as mystery gifts.

The Benefits and Advantages

There are various benefits and advantages when it comes to the adult mystery box, and the main ones are definitely convenience and discretion, as you do not have to browse for sex toys in person. Whether you do not feel comfortable purchasing sex toys in person in a sex store or if you do not feel like spending your time browsing online stores, the pleasure box subscription offers the perfect convenient and discreet solution.

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For those who would like to get a bang for their buck, the adult mystery box comes at quite a high value compared to its price. If subscribers would get the contents of sex boxes separately, the prices for each sex toy and accessory would be much higher. The average value of the sex toy subscription boxes is over $120, which is at least twice the price of the box.

Of course, as there are always innovations in the sex toy market thanks to modern technologies that allow sex toys to provide new and unique ways of pleasure, the biggest advantage of the curated monthly sex box is that the experts who choose the content know what the subscribers are going to enjoy.

All of the toys and accessories picked by experts are high-quality sex toys made out of durable materials. There is no need to worry if the purchased sex toy is going to fall apart or break after just a few uses. The toys in the sex toy boxes are going to last for quite some time, given that they use them correctly.

How Adult Toy Subscriptions Work

The signup process for the sex box subscription is quite easy. First, you have to click on “Join Here” on the homepage and then pick out how often you would like to get billed for the box of sex toys and, of course, for how long. Naturally, the longer you are subscribed, the bigger discount you are going to get.

Being subscribed to the sex toy mystery box will give you a man-woman-themed box every month. This is a perfect couples sex box as it will give you something new to enjoy and explore every month. The longer you are subscribed and as your collection grows, the better you can combine your new toys for new intimate experiences.

When it comes to delivery and packaging, all of the expected options are available. The delivery can be tracked, and you will get an email confirmation with tracking information when you purchase the sexy subscription box. Being discreet is also very important to us, so you do not have to worry about the billing information or the packaging exposing what you’re ordering.

Why Everyone Should Try It Once

Of course, not everyone has the need to subscribe to the sex toy mystery box for multiple months, as not everyone wants to grow their sex toy collection to double or triple digits. However, it is strongly encouraged to try it out at least once, as it will bring a new level of intimacy with your partner.

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If you are considering if ordering for yourself is a good idea, it definitely is, as the sex toy box will all you to enhance your personal understanding of your sexuality and your kinks.

With mystery sex toys, you might discover something new and exciting that you did not account for, and if you like what you see in the first month of being subscribed to the sex toy box, you can continue the subscription and enjoy even further pleasures with future sex toys and accessories.

User Experiences and Testimonials

When it comes to the Seductive Pleasure Box, you will find nothing but positive reviews and testimonials. Some of them can be found on the homepage near the very bottom, and here are just a few examples:

  1. Stacy C - Ordered a girl solo box and I was pleasantly surprised. I haved tried 2 other adult subscription boxes and I wasn’t too pleased. This is by far the best! Quality products! Strongly recommend.
  2. Chris D. - The girlfriend and I love the box. We didn’t know what to expect when we got it but we are overjoyed with the items that came in it. All high quality items and little mix of everything. We can’t wait to get the next box!!!

    If you are concerned about the sex toys you receive in the adult subscription box not being your forte, do not worry, as the experts who curate the boxes know exactly what people want.

    Many are concerned that the contents of the box are only toys that most people do not want, but that is far from the truth, as we only want the best for our subscribers. It is in our interest to have more subscribers who will order boxes every month and widen their sexual horizons through the high-quality sex toys that we include in the boxes, so do not worry about getting unwanted items.


    The adult toy subscription box is one of the best ways to express self-love, even if it might not seem like it, and if you and your partner are looking to bring in new sparks into your sex life, then giving the sex box a try is a fantastic option to try out. While most subscribers are in love with the mystery boxes, even those who did not like the sex toys are grateful for giving it a try, as it gave them an experience that will strengthen their relationship, so even in the worst-case scenario, you will come out as a winner by getting this subscription.

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