The Pleasure Seeker’s Guide to Sex Toys

The Pleasure Seeker’s Guide to Sex Toys

Many people have someone in their life who seems to know everything there is to know about sex toys, but even that person had to start somewhere. Everyone’s been a toy virgin at one point, unsure of what would feel best. Everyone’s browsed the catalog of a giant toy emporium and been simultaneously excited and overwhelmed by all the choices.

The key to going from uncertain newbie to seasoned toy connoisseur is knowledge and experience. The experience is the fun part you’ll be taking care of yourself once you’re a bona fide sex toy owner. So, here’s a little must-know knowledge to help you with the rest of the equation and ensure an experience you’ll be happy with.

The Most Common Toy Categories

Although many toys certainly fit into more than one category, it’s still helpful to know the basic broad types.  Each brings its own unique benefits and perks to the table.

Vibrators: When most new sex toy users picture a sex toy, they often think of something that buzzes and vibrates to the tune of killer orgasms. However, vibrators that everyone should try at least once can take lots of different forms. Some are insertive, while others are not. Some come complete with lots of extra bells and whistles, while others are simple. Vibrations feel good to absolutely anyone’s anatomy, so they’re a great fit for singles, couples, and people of all genders.

Dildos: Dildos, probes, and dongs are penetrative toys that don’t typically vibrate, although there are many exceptions on the market. Many are designed to resemble real penises, but there are plenty that aren’t. Many dildos can also be loaded into harnesses for partnered play or attached to a flat surface via a suction cup for some hands-free action.

Anal Toys: If you enjoy the unique sensations that come along with stimulating your back door (or think you might), these are toys made to deliver a world-class experience in a way that’s safe and user-friendly. Anal toys cover a wide range of shapes and styles. They include butt plugs, anal beads, anal probes, and more.

Penis Toys: You don’t have to have a vulva to enjoy a good sex toy. There are plenty of options out there designed with penises, in particular, in mind. Cock rings are popular options for both solo play and partnered play. Many people with penises also enjoy masturbation sleeves, penis pumps, and other goodies made with their anatomy in mind.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sex Toy

Knowing what kind of toy you’re most interested in is a good start, but it’s not all you’ll want to pay attention to when you’re evaluating your options. Here are a few questions to keep in mind as you shop and consider each choice.

What material is the best fit?

Sex toys can be made of lots of different materials. Picks like metal, glass, or plastic are favorites among pleasure lovers who like a hard, firm feel to their toys. People who want something more flexible sometimes enjoy jelly or rubber. Silicone is an option that strikes a good balance between the two and is body-safe to boot. Always make sure you choose a body-safe option and keep cleaning in mind when buying a new toy. Beyond that, the material is a matter of taste and preference.

What’s your budget like?

There’s quite literally a sex toy out there to suit every possible budget, so hopping on the pleasure wagon never has to break the bank. Many pleasure-seekers like to start with something mid-quality and straightforward until they learn more about what they like. Then they upgrade to something with more oomph and a bigger wow factor once they’re experienced.

Do you want to share your toy?

Technically, all toys are unisex and potentially appropriate for users of every gender. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking any of them are only for solo use. Many toys – like vibrating bullets, anal plugs, cock rings, and more – make especially great additions to the sex life you share with your partner.

Explore a Wealth of Possibilities

Of course, there’s no law out there that says you have to stop at just one toy. Many people maintain an entire collection that they add to as they discover new sensations they love or grow curious about various experiences. If that’s something that interests you, you may want to consider giving a Seductive Pleasure Box subscription a try.

The boxes are an incredible way to grow your collection and explore different experiences for one affordable monthly price. Each toy included is top-tier, so you’ll get to try lots of different luxury toys. Plus, you’ll have something fun to look forward to getting in the mail every month – something just about anyone can appreciate.

Whether you’re looking to add some pizzazz to sex with a partner or planning on keeping all the fun to yourself, sex toys make an excellent addition to anyone’s repertoire.

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