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Public Sex Play: How to Approach It Sensibly and Discreetly

So many people have an inner exhibitionist inside of them, just waiting for an opportunity to break out. They see that couple making out in the back row who are so into each other that they’re oblivious to anything else, and they can’t help but feel a little jealous. And everyone’s thought of following suit a time or two, whether or not they actually seized their chance.

So how doable is public sex play, anyway? Is it something sensible people stick to merely fantasizing about, or is it possible to explore it? The thing is, getting frisky in public is always something to be approached with care. But it only needs to stay the stuff of fantasy if that’s what you really want. Here’s what you need to know if you want to go for it.

Do some trial runs at home

It’s easier to indulge your inner exhibitionist and get the rush you’re looking for than you think. Many people try the idea on at home, where the risk of getting caught is relatively low so that they can get a taste of how it might feel to go for it somewhere else.

For example, you could try getting it on in your backyard or your balcony after dark when neighbors are unlikely to notice you. Or you and your partner could try channeling your inner teenagers, lingering in the car after driving home from a date, and getting a little frisky. See if you like how it feels, and decide whether you want to take things further at some point.

Kick things up a notch

Public sex play doesn’t have to involve full-on intercourse, and it often doesn’t. (Remember that couple making out in the back row?) So, start with a few smooth and relatively harmless moves that will give you that naughty jolt you crave without taking things further than you really want.

Playfully run your hands over your partner’s naughty bits when you’re in the car together or when no one else is looking. Whisper something sexy in their ear in the middle of a crowded room. Seize little opportunities to get a little bit inappropriate that don’t carry too much risk – as with pushing the sexual limits in a movie theater, a fitting room, or anywhere else similar.

Dress with possible action in mind

If you and your partner discover you not only really like public sex play but would welcome the opportunity to take things even further, it helps to plan ahead a bit. If you’re going somewhere you think an opportunity could present itself, try to dress for success, so to speak.

Wear something that offers your partner easy access to any key body parts. (Think skirts that are easy to hitch up and loose-fitting tops without many buttons to get past.) And if at all possible, nix the underwear altogether. The easier and quicker it will be to get things going in the first place, the higher your chances of being able to get what you want out of your play before anyone’s the wiser.

Keep things quick and dirty

As sexy and cool as the movies can make public sex look, things rarely get a chance to play out that way in real life. Any level of naughty public play is best completed as quickly as possible, so there’s no time for all that cinematic drama.

For example, foreplay might be a must at home, but you really want to skip straight to the meat of what you’re doing when you’re somewhere public. The same goes for orgasms. If you can both bust one out when you’re under the wire, that’s great. But when a quickie is the order of business, the real thrill is in the trip itself, not the destination.

Try a discreet sex toy

Although a vibrator may not be the first thing you think of when you start brainstorming ways to get away with public sex play, it probably should be. You just need to pick the right options. Think sneaky finger vibes that make giving your partner a sweet little jolt as easy as making contact with their sweet spots. Or mini vibes that can be worn inside a panty and controlled via a handy remote absolutely anywhere you happen to be.

Such toys aren’t just small. They come equipped with whisper-quiet motors that make it really easy to enjoy what they bring to the table when you’re out in public. This makes them especially great ways to get seriously X-rated almost right in front of people without anyone being the wiser.

So really, public sex play is much easier and more accessible than you think – even when you’re talking about going all the way (or close to it). You just need the right approach.

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