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October 2023 Box Review

What better way to make your sex life more enjoyable than to enjoy a subscription to our sex toy boxes? A Seductive Pleasure Box is filled with various toys, perfectly designed to pleasure men and women. These are high-quality sex toys that were hand-picked by experts. Thus, you can enjoy quality lovemaking time and some delightful solo fun.

There are many reasons why an adult mystery box can improve anyone’s sex life, regardless of whether you are in a committed relationship or not. Sex and orgasms are important for our mental and physical health. Toys provided in sex box subscriptions can help you experience divine pleasures, which really matters. Not to mention that subscription boxes offer a lot more than what you pay for.

Every month, there’s a different box to be enjoyed. The 2023 October’s sex box was filled with some of the most thrilling sex toy options. Here is everything you need to know!

1.     The Wheel of Love

The Wheel of Love

The first thing you’ll find is The Wheel of Love! This is a simple game with easy instructions, perfect for couples who’ve hit a rough patch in the bedroom. The wheel is filled with various sex acts you can perform. It is like a roulette of love, and you get to spin the wheel to see what happens next.

This toy is powered by batteries, so there is no need for manual spinning. Instead, you just have to click a button, and the wheel will spin by itself. Depending on what it lands on, you are supposed to perform that on your partner and vice-versa. The Wheel of Love is made of high-quality ABS, so it's not easily scratched or broken. It is a good quality and eco-friendly material!

The retail price of The Wheel of Love is $15 USD.

2.     Fresh Toy Cleaner

Fresh Toy Cleaner

Instead of worrying whether you have an anti-bacterial soap to clean your toys with, you can just use this Fresh Toy Cleaner. This cleaner is specifically formulated for the maintenance of our sex toys. It can be used on all materials and gets rid of any bacteria.

To use this cleaner as it was intended, start by removing any batteries from the toys. Then, spray the cleaner on the toy's surface and wait a minute or two for it to start working. Then gently lather the toy with soap and rinse it under warm water. Of course, you should never submerge toys with electrical components.

This is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial alcohol-free cleaning spray. It is easy to use, and you can ensure that your sex toys will always be clean and safe for use!

The retail price of the Fresh Toy Cleaner is $10 USD.

3.     Butterfly Vibrator

Butterfly Vibrator

To all the individuals who enjoy sexy vibrations, this Butterfly Vibrator is all you need. The toy is designed in a way to provide penetrative stimulation while also focusing on external pleasures. It’s a well-known fact that most women are unable to orgasm from penetration alone. The Butterfly Vibrator provides you with multiple vibration modes and sequences. So, you can adjust it perfectly to your sexy needs,

The toy is made from body-safe material; it is easy to clean and use. Plus, the toy is 100% waterproof, so you can use it wherever and however you want. The Butterfly Vibrator can be recharged with a USB cable. One full recharge will provide you with hours of pleasure! This toy is perfectly suited for singles who are looking for some fun and couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom.

The retail price of the Butterfly Vibrator is $70 USD.

4.     Joy Egg - Discrete Egg Toy

Joy Egg - Discrete Egg Toy

This egg toy model is designed to fit all sizes and provide you with the most amazing sensations. It is made from medical-grade silicone and is guaranteed body-safe, phthalate-free, and non-allergenic. The Discrete Egg Toy has a textured sleeve for added pleasure. It is a simple masturbator toy that is easy to use. Plus, with its stretchiness and durability, you won’t have to wonder whether it will actually fit you!

Discrete Egg Toy is perfect for solo enjoyment. If you want to make your masturbation more exciting, this is the toy for you. But it can also be implemented during couple-play! Use it during foreplay and tease your partner. Or come up with other creative ways to use the egg toy to make your partner twitch in ecstasy.

The retail price of the Joy Egg - Discrete Egg Toy is $10 USD.

5.     Buttplug Handcuffs

Buttplug Handcuffs

Using restraints can be loads of fun in the bedroom. But are you ready to give it a little twist? In October’s sex box, you get to enjoy a combination of a buttplug and handcuffs in one. These handcuffs are designed to keep your hands behind your back, with a butt plug inserted in the anus.

The toy is made from steel, so it is durable and safe to use. It is an excellent choice for beginners who want to delve a bit into the world of bondage and BDSM lovemaking. However, it is also a great option for experienced BDSM lovers. It can be used on both partners and is a great introduction to dom/sub play!

The retail price of the Buttplug Handcuffs is $20 USD.


Ready for new and exciting experiences? Our sex toy box subscriptions can provide you with just that! You can choose whether you want to have them delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. This all depends on how often you enjoy engaging in a creative sex play with your partner.

Each sex box subscription comes with different toys designed to provide you with stimulation you’ll never forget. The 2023 October sex box from SeductivePleasureBox comes with 5 incredible products you can enjoy. These include The Wheel of Love, Fresh Toy Cleaner, Butterfly Vibrator, Discrete Egg Toy, and Buttplug Handcuffs. Almost all these items can be used in solo play. But it’s definitely more enjoyable if you have a partner to enjoy them with.

Getting a sex toy subscription box can be a game changer. With every box, you get to enjoy new and exciting experiences, keeping your sex toy collection fresh with 1-2 full sized toys and 3-4 accessories with each box!

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