Get Your Sex Drive Back

How To Get Your Sex Drive Back When You've Lost It!

At Seductive Pleasure Box we celebrate sex and sexuality but what if you are struggling with maintaining your sex drive? Don't worry we are here to help!

Worried about losing your sex drive Ladies? Or perhaps you have recently lost your sex drive and are struggling to work out how to get it back! Well, don’t worry because today at Seductive Pleasure Box we are going to share with you some detailed insights into why this happens and how to get it back!

It is very common for women to worry about low libido just as much as men worry about not being able to maintain an erection. A woman’s sexuality can fluctuate throughout the years and many things can contribute to a loss of libido such as the following factors:

Contraception. Birth Control Pills. When you are on the pill your hormonal balance will change and this can also cause a decreased desire for sexual intercourse.

Menopause. Oestrogen levels will drop in the lead up to menopause and this can create vaginal dryness and pain during sex, which obviously will lead to a reduced interest in sex.

Stress. This is a major factor! Life can be stressful and exhausting and daily we can be very busy with family, partners, work commitments and financial worries (add to this the stress of the pandemic and this will turn your sex life upside down).

Anxiety. Overall, daily anxiety can lead to performance anxiety in the bedroom.

So... how can you get your sex drive back?

Firstly, if you are sitting there reading this blog and asking yourself “What is wrong with me?” That sort of thinking is not going to help you - so stop now. Often, we can stress ourselves by thinking whether our sex drive will ever come back which can make it really impossible for it to turn back on again.

If you are in a relationship, sometimes it is best to increase the communication with your partner and share how you are feeling so you have their support. It will make it easier for you as you start working together to bring the sexual moments back to your relationship.

Now, just for the short while we are going to put sex on the shelf so you can relax and focus in on getting yourself feeling sexy, sensual relaxed and self-loved again. At Seductive Pleasure Box we have
Solo Adult Subscription Boxes designed for Men and Women to help you reconnect with your own sense of sexuality and what brings you pleasure.

Our Top 4 Tips For Getting Your Sex Drive Back:

1. A Romantic Bath With Your Partner.

Simply enjoying a hot bath with your partner, with some essential oils, by candlelight and if you want to add in some mood music do that too. Some essential oils have natural aphrodisiacs and
pheromones which can encourage sexual engagement.

2. Intimate Massage.

Experience the pleasure of an intimate massage, that engages your erogenous zones. There is no expectation of sex afterwards, but this type of erotic massage will relax your body and mind. There
are many massage oils and creams available.

3. Sleep Well. Eat Well.

Did you know getting a good nights sleep and eating a well balanced meal can be all it takes to get your sex drive back on track? If you look after yourself from the inside out, your sex drive will come back a lot faster.

4. Introducing Adult Toys.

Consider introducing adult toys to your self pleasure or perhaps into your romantic relationships with your sexual partner, this can be a great way of engaging your sex life and getting your sex drive back on track. At Seductive Pleasure Box we have adult subscription boxes that are filled with pleasure products to help you explore your limits. We have a Couples Adult Subscription Box and we have a Solo Adult Subscription Box for Men and a Solo Adult Subscription Box for Women.

Finally, if you are finding you are still struggling with a low libido, perhaps it may be worth visiting your local doctor. A low sex drive a common occurrence for both men and women and nothing to be
ashamed about or worried about, because in time it will come back.

So… are you ready to take your sex life to a new level of pleasure?

Whether you explore on your own with our Solo Subscription Boxes or with your lover with our Couples Subscription Boxes, we want your journey to be exciting!

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