5 Ways to Make Your Next Anniversary One for the Record Books

Although every relationship anniversary is special and monumental in its own way, some anniversaries really need to be absolute showstoppers. Maybe you’re coming up on a milestone anniversary you’ve been looking forward to, or perhaps your next anniversary will be your first since buying a home, becoming parents, or reconciling after some time apart.

Whatever the case may be for you, every couple should have a ready list of go-to ways to take a special date to a whole other level, if they like. Here are a few to consider adding to yours and taking for a spin the next time you’re planning an anniversary upgrade.

1.      Recreate your very first date

Milestone anniversaries have a way of putting people in a reflective mood. Why not lean into that tendency and make it the basis of a nostalgic date to remember? Try recreating your very first date or an equally memorable get-together from your early days as a couple and seeing what happens.

Revisit the restaurant or venue where you first fell in love. Recreate the first meal one of you ever cooked for the other when you first became an item. Take a trip back in time to the first time you made love complete with all the little details. Be creative.

2.      Make a difference together

If you’re like many people who are blessed to have an epic relationship in your life, you likely have days when you feel so full of joy, you can’t help but want to share it with the whole world. Why not do exactly that by making your next milestone anniversary about giving back to other people and to the community where you’ve made your home?

Is there a charitable cause you and your partner feel especially passionate about? Spend the day volunteering or doing something to raise funds for that cause. Is there a beautiful natural area that’s played a big role in your relationship – a beach, a park, or a specific forest? Consider becoming part of the clean-up crew for a day as a way to give back.

3.      Hire a chef for the evening

Going out to eat or pulling out all the stops to cook a landmark dinner at home are undoubtedly great ways to make an anniversary meal more special, but you’ve likely done both of those things a time or two by now. A milestone anniversary that needs to be really special just might be the reason you needed to hire a private chef to cook for you instead.

A private chef can give you the best of both worlds – a five-star meal cooked just the way you like it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. They can add all those little special touches that elevate a meal and make it special. Plus, it’s always fun to spoil yourselves a little when a particular date is one for the record books.

4.      Treat yourselves to a sexy indulgence

Although every couple enjoys a good, passionate romp between the sheets every now and then, there are those to whom good sex isn’t just important – it’s as essential to them as oxygen. If that sounds like you and your partner, then perhaps the way to make your next anniversary especially epic is to turn it into a solid excuse for a sex marathon.

Set the stage for something really special by treating yourselves to some incredible new toys and accessories to play with. Schedule a joint shopping trip at your favorite sex shop to pick out a few new items, or consider signing up for a sexy subscription box from a service like Seductive Pleasure Box. Then sit back, anticipate, and prepare to enjoy some serious fun.

5.      Plan a staycation

Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with jetting off to an exotic locale if you have it in the budget, know that you don’t have to break the bank in order to indulge a desire to get away from it all. A staycation in the city where you live or a nearby town can be just as enjoyable and potentially even more romantic.

Give yourselves permission to enjoy the area where you live the way an out-of-towner might. Stay at that beautiful bed-and-breakfast you’ve always thought looked so charming. Spend a weekend at that full-service spa you’ve heard such good things about. Sign up for the couples package at a local five-star hotel. You’ll enjoy a wonderful opportunity to see both your relationship and your hometown with fresh eyes.

Ultimately, all a special anniversary really needs to be several cuts above average is a little creativity, a lot of love, and a sense of adventure. How will you make your next big celebration one you’ll remember forever?

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