Tassel Tidbits: Date Night & How to Use Pasties

Tassel Tidbits: Date Night & How to Use Pasties

So, you've just received a saucy surprise in Seductive Pleasure's April 2024 box - nipple pasties! But how can you use them? And what exactly is burlesque, anyway?

Burlesque is a dazzling theatrical performance art form that celebrates the art of tease, blending comedy, sensuality, and glamour in a mesmerizing spectacle. Originating in the 19th century, it has evolved into a bold expression of empowerment and self-confidence.

And those pasties? They're not just for show – they're a staple of burlesque attire, adding a playful touch of allure while preserving a hint of mystery. Whether adorned with glitter, feathers, or sequins, they're the ultimate accessory for performers and enthusiasts alike, accentuating curves and igniting the imagination.

Date Night Idea

But why stop at pasties? Dive deeper into the world of burlesque and treat yourself to a night out at a professional burlesque show. It's a fun date night idea that incorporates artistic expression with eroticism, allowing you to enjoy a multi-layered cultural experience while building passion. After the show, go home and treat your partner to a show in-person! (FaceTime works just as well for long-distance relationships.)

How to Use Pasties

You might want to watch a few videos first to get some moves. Or skip the show and go straight to dessert - the pasties will be a sexy surprise under your clothes. Your partner will love to tug and bite on them gently, and you can swirl them with or without hands to really get their attention. During the act, their swinging will create a memorable picture.

Learn some moves for using pasties, including the classic twirl from Jo Weldon of the New York School of Burlesque. She enlists the help of two hipster guy friends to demonstrate in a cute and very useful demo. They go through basic striptease as well.

Click here to watch a professional burlesque performance from Miss Lady Lace, cleverly blending classical with modern styles, including the use of pasties at the end. Hopefully this - and a glass of wine - will give you some inspiration!

For a (fully clothed) lesson in basic burlesque moves, check out Vera Valentinaa’s showgirl vlog. Talk about girl power - after a nasty breakup, she packed up her things and started the life of a traveling showgirl. #rolemodel #followyourdreams

If you're looking for a fun dance or exercise class, many cities have burlesque studios where you can connect with other fun people in a non-intimidating, supportive atmosphere while shoulder shimmying and celebrating this retro phenomenon.

It's time to unleash your inner diva... let's get twirling!

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