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Getting a sex box subscription can revive your relationship

If you hit a point where your sex life, or perhaps even your relationship’s flame, is getting extinguished, there is nothing to worry about, as there are always ways to revive that flame. One of the best ways to do this is to bring some new and interesting things into the relationship, something that will be a surprise to both parties, and there is no better surprise than a pleasure box.

In a pleasure box, you will receive sex toys and accessories that you might have never thought of getting yourself from a sex store, and these items might just be the key to reviving your relationship.

Something new is always good

In relationships, one of the biggest mistakes that couples tend to make is that they tend to become too comfortable with a stale routine. While this might seem fine at first, as time goes by, this routine, this monotony, is usually what drives one person from another, even if they do not want things to go that way.

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Because of that, it is important to break that monotony with something new and interesting. While some people do it with traveling, some do it with trying out new food, the most powerful way to do this is by doing something that is very intimate and personal, and sex tends to be the best at that.

While regular sex can be quite exciting at first, over time, it can become dull. To bring the spark into your sex life, which is often the key element in most relationships, even if it might seem that way, introducing sex toys toy, it will definitely bring that spark back and reignite the flame you once had.

What is a monthly sex box?

Just as the name suggests, a monthly sex box is a subscription service where we will send out a sex toy subscription box to your doorstep every month. If every month is too soon for you, you can customize your subscription to a bi-monthly or a quarterly one as well.

In this couples sex box, you will receive up to six items. From those items, you will get one or two full size toys, and the remaining items are going to be accessories. All of the items are going to be high-quality and more importantly, they will be safe to use.

You would be surprised just how often people get tricked by purchasing expensive products that are low in quality or ones that are not safe for their bodies. Our sex toy subscription boxes are curated by experts in the industry, and we choose only the finest products to send to our subscribers.

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Of course, besides quality, we want to make sure that each month’s pleasure box provides something interesting, which is why we aim for diversity as well. One month, you might receive boxes that are themed around some BDSM kinks, another month’s theme might be anal play, and the third month is something new again. As we mentioned earlier, monotony is something that no one should have in their sex life, as it is a downfall of many relationships, which is why we ensure that each month, our box has something new to bring to the table.

Subscribing for longer makes things even better

Something that a lot of people assume wrongly when they do not own any sex toys is that having one or two is more than enough. However, once you subscribe to the monthly sex box, you will see just how amazing it is to have a growing sex toy collection.

Having a big collection of sex toys opens doors to many different options. For starters, you can always use different toys and accessories during your sexual encounters, which keeps things interesting, and even if you go through all the toys, you can continue combining them along with the accessories for new, surprising experiences.

With every new sex toy mystery box, your interest in the next one will grow, as the element of surprise is quite powerfu,l and it is exciting. Having something exciting to look forward to in a relationship is a great way to keep the flame going, and if that something is something as intimate as sharing sex toys and accessories from a sex toy mystery box, it is even more effective.

With more toys, more ideas will come

More often than not, when a couple is having some issues in their relationship, sometimes all they need is a push in the right direction, and an adult toy subscription box is the best push you can get. With new sex toys, you are going to get new ideas, and you will want to try new things.

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Of course, some things you try might not be something you want to do again, but the experience of trying these items together is going to stay, and it is going to make your relationship stronger. Sex toys are more than just pleasure makers; they are here to let you know yourself and your partner better, which is what makes relationships stronger.


With the sex box subscription, you can not only revieve your relationship, but you can also unlock doors to some realms in your mind that you did not even know of, and the same goes for your partner. If you and your partner have never used sex toys before, then exploring these new horizons is an amazing activity that is really hard to top.

The best part about it is that you do not even have to leave your home to receive the box, as it is discreetly delivered to your doorstep. All of the products are safe and high-quality, which saves you from overpaying at local or online sex stores, and the best part is that you will always get more than the value of the subscription price, as each box of sex toys is valued at least at $120 retail price, so even if you get some sex toys that you might not be into, you will not feel like you wasted your money as other items in the sex toy subscription boxes will be there to reignite the spark in your relationship.

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